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Woodshop purge and organize o' rama

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  • Woodshop purge and organize o' rama

    Big thanks to Bgerow for connecting with the local Woodworker's guild and inviting them to visit.

    About 20-25 of their number will be coming to visit during Hack night, on wednesday Feb 6 2019.

    Firstly, Bgerow and anybody else who has info, please post (I think separately as this thread could become gangly with cleaning posts) with whatever details you have so we can all get on the same page.

    Of course...the shop is embarrassing at the moment. I'll be slogging away doing my annual or bi annual purge and clean. Hopefully I can get some help with that so that in the process this time around we can level up the shop a bit, and make a plan to continue in that direction going forward. And the Guild visit is a good excuse to get this done.

    I've booked a planning meeting for this coming monday night, here

    I will be at the space approximately at the following times...

    Today, Sat Jan 26, Mid morning until mid afternoon
    Mon, Jan 28, 6-9pm, planning meeting
    Tues, Jan 29 in the evening
    Wed, Hack Night, Jan 30

    Saturday Feb 2 I'll be around morning until afternoon
    Monday and tuesday, feb 4/5 in the evening

    If you would like to contribute, but aren't available at these times, I will be compiling a task list at the planning meeting. It will be posted online and in the shop so that we can all track progress and contribute on our own time.

    If you want to shoot the breeze and discuss your thoughts on the shop as we sweep up and clean, I highly encourage that. I'd like to get together with members who use the shop, get to know each other, get used to working together, and devise together how we can make that room serve us. This is a long, slow-burn sort of a process ideally. Making a comprehensive and solid one-off plan in a single meeting alone is not easy to achieve, so having a solid social network operating underneath that is key in my opinion.

    If you have projects or materials in the shop, this is your warning! Over the next couple of weeks the place will be cleared out significantly and rearranged. I will make every effort to post pictures of mystery objects here for identification. My intention is NOT to trash anybody's work. My intention is to make the space work for everybody who uses it. If you have anything stored up there, please make an effort to either...

    1. Post here with details, pictures, wishes and concerns
    2. Come and see me in the shop and we can discuss your storage needs or wishes
    3. Put a clear and detailed label or note on your items, with a date, explaining what it is and your wishes for it.

    If you have an interest in how the shop is organized and future changes, please come and let me know your thoughts. I will be working together with the membership to completely revamp how personal, tool, and material storage works in the space, as well as instating protocols for waste management in the run-up to installing the new dust collector.

    Things will be changing significantly. Now is your chance to either give your input, or deal with whatever the membership and I decide.

    In any case, the woodshop will no longer be a dumping ground for sawdust, useless fasteners, strange objects, damaged or broken tools, and bits of wood nobody's sure if anybody will ever want.

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    On Monday night we talked about re doing all the tool mounts on the walls and using tool shadows like this:

    I'd really like to do this and I think it would make the wood shop much better to use.

    Nicholas Adams has made reference to this as "first order operations" its also a huge part of LEAN manufacturing.

    In simple terms it puts what you need right where you need it: at arms reach. No more bending down into drawers or shelves. No questions of what tools we have or where they go. You walk into the workshop and BAM there they are.

    I think we can fit most of everything in. Hand tools to the left of the mitre saw, power tools to the right.

    One tool per hook, no doubling up. You can get plastic clips that retain the hook nicely so they don't fall off. I have use them in my home shop and its awesome.

    Here is our current wall:

    Click image for larger version

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    And here is what I'd like to do:

    Click image for larger version

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    Click the attachment links at the bottom to embiggen.

    We already have some pegboard, I just need to paint some white. It's 2 pieces at 44"x60 1/2" and then one piece 47"x27 3/4"
    Would just need to buy one 4'x8' sheet, which is at the most $40 w/tax.

    The pegboard is fast, versatile, and once the tools are up we just need to draw shadows with a big fat sharpie.
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    • Bradley Maker
      Bradley Maker commented
      Editing a comment
      This is why we pay you the big bucks Garret.
      Thanks for the push on this.

      I need to say one thing. But Don't let it deter you at all. For crying out loud.
      I f*^#ing hate peg board.

      There. I said it.

      Actually. I like peg board. I hate the pegs.

      I like cleat wall.

      But. It's work. It means making a custom 'peg' for each tool. Which is awesome. But. We need to get the peg board out of the hallway. We might as well hang it on the wall and hang things on it.

      So if I may make 1 modification.

      Can we make these into smaller panels, I think 4 (maybe more depending on how much material there is?) with a light frame behind them to give room for the peg anchors. Say 48" tall by 24-48" wide, something like that. They can certainly be mounted as in your drawing ASAP. But I'd like to be able to have the option of breaking a section off and moving it elsewhere. We will line up power tool stations all along that wall, and eventually I'd like the mitre saws, drill press, and maybe another station for portable tools with cowls behind them for dust collection. Which likely breaks up that huge amount of wall space.

      I'd like to be able to grab that panel of a certain group of tools, and move it elsewhere with just 4 screws, as necessary, without disrupting the organization of the tools.

      The groups of tools will be something like...

      Power tools and accessories
      Measuring and Marking tools
      Stationary Tool setup and alternate blades
      Hand tools (saws, chisels, gouges, knives, mallets, punches)

      If we have more, perhaps

      Consumables (tape, sandpaper, sanding blocks, bits and blades)

      With very common tools like pencils, pens, hammers, clamps, tapes, etc present on most of the panels.
      And of course, a whole lot of the stuff on the list of things that should be on those panels are presently not present. But it gives us something to aim for

      Then as I get frustrated with the pegs on a certain panel, I can bite off chunks of it and just staple cleat strips on top of the peg board. It'll make good backing.

      How does that sound?

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    Garret H unless you are going to get in there in the next couple of days...

    I'll be in the shop all day saturday. Depending on how late my friday takes me, I'm hoping to be in there by 9, and I have to be gone by about 3:30.

    I would like to organize tools that day anyways. Go through every tool in the shop, put it all in piles on the tables into categories, including the 'damaged in need of repair' and 'broken or useless' piles.

    I propose that whoever can make it in on saturday can help me make some quick but nice frames, hang them on the wall, dump all of the tools out and organize them onto the peg panels.

    Any takers?


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      Bradley Maker I agree those little pegs can be a PITA when you go to grab a tool and the whole peg comes flying off.
      For my shop at home I love them, but the set up was key. There are a couple tricks in how they get used that make life easier. Here's all my photos of that.

      Get the right type for starters, for hanging a carpenters square a few simple screws are going to be better. For heavier things double peg hooks and long vertical legs are needed.

      Use two pegs to cradle tools that don't balance well like hammers:
      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      These little plastic clips are game changers. They hold everything in nice and tight.

      Click image for larger version

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      But if you can't use them for some reason, you can bend up and fish a little zap strap in through the holes and double them up if needed to hold those pegs in place. You can do this easily from the outside once its mounted.
      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      For the heaviest tools like the circular saws we should probably run a strip of cleat board, but everything else the peg board should be more than good enough I think.

      We absolutely need to mount to a light frame though: no clearance + pegs = bad. Plus we have conduit in some places that we need to bridge over, so a 3/4" thick standoff would be the minimum. I'd probably just use 2x2 finger joint boards because they're cheap cheap cheap.

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        Be aware there is a box of pegs last I saw in the craftorium


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          Bradley Maker killing it with some new peg board all framed up


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            I started building some tool holders yesterday to wall mount all the drills, battery chargers, circular saws and other handheld power tools.
            There will be some french cleats screwed to the wall. I hope to have this wrapped up over Monday night.

            Vaughn mentioned drill bits and driver bits. It would be really nice to get these in a nice holder of some kind adjacent to all this, help on that would be appreciated. Digging through a random pile in a drawer isn't fun.


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              I put everything in place last night. Aside from a few stranglers I think I've placed all the tools on the wall. A fixed rack would have been simpler but I wanted to do individual holders so that they can be moved, remove, or added to over time.

              Some vinyl decals labeling things would make a great addition. As would white paint on the brackets. Comments or suggestions please make themClick image for larger version

Name:	20190902_225100.jpg
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                Looks awesome, Garret! So good, man - thanks for your valuable work for the Makerspace!


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                  About 1/3 of the spring loaded clamps are missing. I could find the large ones and two of the small ones but that leaves more than 10 missing. If you know where they are please bring them back.