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Brainstorm: Mitresaw bench

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  • Brainstorm: Mitresaw bench

    A big project that I'd like to tackle in the coming months is re-building the bench where the mitresaw currently sits. I'd like an essentially integrated, level, solid bench with lots of fencing for that entire length, t-track here and there, with tools dropped in and bench space for portable tool work, integrated dust venting and cowls around mitresaws, drill press, lathe, and one more for portable tools for more efficient dust and chip collection.

    After the dust collection, I propose that this is the next major infrastructure project we should be planning and raising funds and materials for. At least part of that length, a mitresaw bench.

    I'd like as much of that bench length to be as multi-functional as possible. We need to facilitate a diverse range of projects, workflow, and setups. I see eventually a router table. T-tracks. Face-vises. Did I mention lots of fencing?

    However, for starters, lets look at building a mitresaw bench with a cowl behind it.

    I have built and modified a few mitresaw benches. Mostly fairly quick and dirty, rudimentary. I'd like to trick this one out. So I want to know what you want it to do, I also want to know what the internet thinks. But frankly, I'm not a fan of nerding out on woodworking shop porn. Every so often... but for some reason, i'm not inspired to do it and it always feels like a chore. So if I can outsource the searching through the human mindbank a little and get to know what you all want and need it to do at the same time, it's all for the good.

    If you have a bench at home, snap a picture and say what you like and don't like about it, how you would change it or why you wouldn't.

    If you are bored killing time on the internet, look at some youtube videos or blog posts and pick out some things that you like and post links and comments.


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    Sounds like some really interesting concepts.

    I'll play devils advocate a little though: I have a lot more problems with the table around the Saw Stop table saw then I do the mitre saw bench. In terms of priorities I'd see that thing rebuilt ahead of the mitre table.


    • Bradley Maker
      Bradley Maker commented
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      I used to know the actual devil's advocate.* Good guy.*

      I feel like the table saw is passable and the mitre saw bench is a garbage fire.*I'l be posting more of these threads in the future to gather ideas for other fixtures, including the outfeed. And this is all member needs driven. If people are generally clamoring for an outfeed table and I'm still complaining about peg board, tell me to take a hike. What gets done is what people are excited about, offering input on and engaged with.

      Outfeed Pros:
      ​​​​​​​the table saw is used more I would say.
      It's also the tool that causes the most injury (in woodworking generally), so tidying it up helps that issue.
      It's also currently housing one of the biggest wastes of space in the shop (under)

      Mitre bench pros:
      The outfeed is a much more complicated and precise problem to solve and object to build. The mitre bench is a simpler task to tackle.
      The outfeed table gets used a lot (albeit often fir things it could be argued it shouldn't be used for), the mitre bench is usually just a mess and unusable.
      We need to modify it to get dust collection ducting behind soon anyways.

      However ultimately, this wasn't intended to start a discussion about order of operations (much as in glad to have it). Just ideas for a mitre bench so we have them the day we decide to build it, whenever that may be.

      Nothing is set in stone. In fact, it will mostly be wooden, and more or less easy to change. As long as we don't let Grant Fraser in there with spiral nails.

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      I'm all for it. A reasonable bench height is a must.


      • Bradley Maker
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        You are a little taller than I. What's your ideal bench height?

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      Here's one I stumbled across on ig...


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        This popped up in my facebook feed (Thanks Torren )

        Holy canoli this is the best mitre saw bench I have ever seen!


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          Dang this table is sweet.