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  • VFD and ARduino

    VFD CU20025cpb_W1J

    We have a stockpile of these cool displays.

    This is the datasheet I used

    This is the Arduino library you will need.;attach=290330

    Just remember to uncomment one display.

    #include <CUU_Interface.h>
    #include <CUU_Parallel_I80.h>
    #include <CUU_Parallel_M68.h>
    #include <CUU_Serial.h>
    #include <Noritake_VFD_CUU.h>
    #include <util/delay.h>

    // Uncomment one of the communication interfaces below.
    //CUU_Serial interface(3, 5, 6); // SIO, STB, SCK
    CUU_Parallel_I80 interface(9,10,11, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7); //RS,RW,E,D0-D7
    //CUU_Parallel_I80_4bit interface(9,10,11, 4,5,6,7); //RS,RW,E,D4-D7
    //CUU_Parallel_M68 interface(9,10,11, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7);//RS,WR,RD,D0-D7
    //CUU_Parallel_M68_4bit interface(9,10,11, 4,5,6,7);//RS,WR,RD,D4-D7

    Noritake_VFD_CUU vfd;

    void setup() {
    _delay_ms(500); // wait for device to power up
    vfd.begin(20, 2); // 20x2 character module
    vfd.interface(interface); // select which interface to use

    // Uncomment if the target module supports brightness boost
    //vfd.brightnessBoost(); // module has brightness boost

    // Uncomment if model is DS2045G
    //vfd.bcVFD(); // is DS2045G

    vfd.CUU_init(); // initialize module

    //vfd.japaneseFont(); // select Japanese font for DS2045G
    //vfd.europeanFont(); // select European font for DS2045G

    vfd.print( " $Ron_Ron$"); // print Noritake on the first line

    void loop() {

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    Awesome! I've looked at those countless times and wondered when/how they might get used.