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A support group for the Kamloops Makerspace classroom, and educational endeavours

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  • RE: Sign up

    I don’t know where it went.

    I’m pretty sure it links to a mailchimp deal (which we aren’t paying for any more).

    The data also went to a silo cut off from everything else, so the thing was never well planned or implemented from the get go.

    I say, ‘good riddance foul button!’

    I think that priority 1 for the new board should be implementing an honest to goodness CRM system, the signup procedure will need to be tailored to whatever that turns out to be.

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  • RE: Secrets of psychedelic tie dye

    @Dangerdan, the TRU bookstore has them (like everything there they aren’t too cheap though).

    Although, I have about 30 chemistry students finishing class in under a month. Many of them will never take chemistry again. You want I should see if any of them want to unload theirs cheap?

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  • RE: AGM-March 25

    For the election of directors, we need to decide on the election format.

    Last year we just voted for up to 5 people each, and the top 5 were the board (who then settled positions). I think we should change this year.

    I still like the idea of a board of 5 (I think 5-7 is the language in the by-laws, but how that number gets decided isn’t clear).

    I think a secret ballot where each member is allowed to vote for 5 directors should decide the board. Saying each member may also endorse one of those five names as each of pres, v-pres, sec, and treas seems like the best option to me as well. The candidate with the most endorsements takes the position. Candidates should also clarify the positions that they will be willing to serve in before the vote as well.

    I am seeking re-election in the position of President.

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  • RE: Secrets of psychedelic tie dye

    tie dye:)

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  • RE: Members meeting 13 March 2018

    @DarrenAndSherry, @Torren I can also help.

    I can dig out some of the numbers that we used for the NSERC grant that we will be receiving through the BLSC.

    We should sit down and look at what the target grant is and what the application can include. I have some people/organizations in mind for reference letters as well.

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  • RE: Secrets of psychedelic tie dye

    I’ve got a lab coat that is looking a little tired, and could use a refresh

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  • RE: Members meeting 13 March 2018

    I will be there. We might also have some students from the TRU class in management strategies who would like to attend the meeting.

    Hopefully we can make this one work.

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  • Booking the classroom space

    I’m wondering how to go about booking the space for the night of the 22nd. If it is available. Thanks!

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  • AGM-March 25


    1. Roll call
      Chaired by:
      Notes by:

    2. Accept agenda

    3. Bylaws
      Having already reviewed the proposed revisions to the by-laws, we will have a brief discussion for clarification on the intended interpretations of the language in the by-laws, and then vote on adopting the new by-laws. Amendments will not be made during the meeting, the options will be to approve or reject.

    4. Election of board of directors

    Original text

    This is a placeholder post. The AGM is 30 days away.

    We need an official announcement (If there is an explicit one outside of meeting minutes & I missed it, please disregard; else, this is that).

    Details are listed in the previous members meeting (will link later, on mobile atm).


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    @kile 18mar18 added agenda
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  • RE: Fundraiser Dinner Feb 18th

    Any tickets left for 7?

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