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  • RE: Things that blow my mind!!!

    Raycasting sounds way cooler though, even if it isn’t…

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  • RE: Things that blow my mind!!!

    Binary space partitioning. Whoa.

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  • Maker monday mission: revive the roaring windtunnel!

    Okay. So, we need to start having guided activities at hack nights to keep the promoscience tap on.

    One often discussed piece o’ kit for STEAM demos is the wind tunnel, but alas, it is some time since her fair winds have blown. I’m hoping to get it up and running before Wednesday, so we can advertise it as our first guided activity under the program, and get the ball rolling.

    I’m teaching at Skeetch tomorrow, and may need time when I get back to finalize and email the Community Gaming Grant documents in, but straight after that i’ll head to the space and work on it. Any maker Maker Monday maniacs, or even mild mannered morally-supportive Marvins would be much, much appreciated!

    And @pierre, if you have any spare parts from the former assembly kicking around that may be of use, it would be great to have them.

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  • RE: Tolkien Plaque


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  • Tolkien Plaque


    I just thought I’d share this project I made last week. I engraved it on the laser and then filled in the lettering with gold resin before I finished it. Dave was a big help with the laser, and I highly recommend resin/pigment over paint to anyone else wanting to try a project like this, it has a texture and sparkle to it (that doesn’t really come through in the photo) but that paint just can’t match. Way more work though.
    I was lucky enough to get Sean Astin to sign it this weekend, so added bonus!

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  • Make STEAM!

    Program announcement

    Okay, it is official, the first $9k from BIG Little Science Centre (BLSC) / National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) is in the bank! If we can deliver on the MOU we have signed, there will be another $10k in monthly instalments over the rest of the year, and the potential to increase the total by an order of magnitude in the near future (possibly more).

    The name Make STEAM! is what is on our BCLC Community Gaming Grant application (total ask $73,750.00), I will have a full copy of the application for review at the meeting, and it will get entered into the minutes as an appendix and posted on the forum.

    What in means, in brief

    We have to have one guided activity to promote some STEAM something (with a tangential STEM highlight for the arts). The good new is we have money to do this with, the bad news is, we have to be organized enough to report on how we spent the money. These will be our two key deliverables for the program:

    1. Weekly guided activities at h4ck night
    2. Reporting on h4ck nights, and other outreach events

    Please start using this form

    Any time you volunteer, attend an event, or do anything related to the space that could help anyone anywhere engage with STEAM, and want to call it a personal contribution to the program, please use THIS FORM!

    For comments on the form please contact me.

    Program description, in brief

    In short, Make STEAM! is defined as the outreach activities we already do (i.e. host hack nights, and host or attend other public events). All we are really committing to here, is to keep doing that. In order to prove the money has helped us to this end, it will be essential to TRACK AND REPORT on how many people we reach.

    The monies from BLSC/NSERC is attached to improving our hands-on guided activities at h4ck nights, our road show/kit shop, and getting the Makerbus on the road and attending events. The monies from BCLC/Community Gaming is attached to improving our capacity to deliver services for our members, and the general public at hack night (plus a couple other pots for subsidizing membership dues for those in need, training volunteers, etc.). The main point here being, while the funds are supporting the same program, we are not double dipping on any items. Detailed budgets, and approval procedures are required to ensure compliance here. For more details on this aspect, please attend the meeting on Tuesday, or see the minutes once posted.

    For more info

    If you want more details on what hoops we need to jump through to spend it (both internal and external), please come to the members meeting on Tuesday, we will make brief mention of it during the meeting, and have plenty of time for discussion/questions following the meeting.

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  • Volunteers needed!

    Hey all, I should have posted about this a while ago, but I’ve been so busy that it slipped my mind.

    The BIG Little Science Centre has an event tomorrow (Mining Day, 10-3 at their location—655 Holt St), and the Kamloops Makerspace is going to be there. I’ll be around from about 9:30 until the end. This afternoon I will be at the Space working on getting the wind tunnel and/or blender-bike dialled in. BLSC will have a ton of their own interactives as its at the Centre, so it should be a really fun one.

    Help would be welcome for tonight (not really sure what i’m doing with either contraption, yet), and the event tomorrow as well. Even if you can’t help man the booth, it would be great to see some Maker’s there with their families!

    Please contact me if you can help either this afternoon/evening or tomorrow.

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  • Culture Days planning session

    We got an email to the info box inviting us to participate in a planning meeting (Wednesday, June 6) for the next Culture Days (event is at the end of September).

    I’m booked for the planning meeting with another commitment. If anyone else could attend, I think it would be valuable for the space. For the last culture days we hosted an open house and did the clayspace opening, which was very successful.

    Please see the flyer below for more info

    0_1525993383911_2018 Culture Days.pdf

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  • Holy kit! Ron_ron strikes again

    So I just found this website from a video @Ron_Ron posted a couple days ago. It looks like you can get 10 10cmX10cm custom PCBs for $2!

    Can this be true?

    Please list your kit ideas below!

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  • RE: Members Meeting Tuesday May 15th, 2017 - 7:00PM Lounge

    The formatting is pretty close to the final versions for web/print, the only change will be where you see " ^[ text ] " will get converted to a numbered margin note (final guidelines will be hosted as HTML and PDFs from main page, and kept in the building as print)

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