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    Approved AGM Minutes:


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  • RE: *POSTPONED* Members Meeting - Tuesday April 17th, 2018 @ 6:30 PM

    Members Meeting-April 17, 2018

    Meeting details

    Proposed meeting time:| 6:30 pm
    Location:| Kamloops Makerspace Classroom
    Meeting chair:| Kile
    Notes by:| Megan
    Attendees:| Blake, Ryan, Grant, John, Megan, David, Beth, Kile, Riss
    Late:| Pierre
    Regrets:| Ashley
    Meeting called to order at:| 6:47

    Approve the minutes from the AGM meeting

    • Motioned by Kile, seconded by Blake. All in favour

    Approve the agenda

    • Motioned by Kile, seconded by Blake. All in favour

    Report from the Chair

    • Board will meet regularily every two weeks stagered by members meeting every two weeks (virtual or in person). Policy/guidelines are priority. Plan to be a non-working board, work completed through committees instead.
    • A managment class has been looking at Makerspace. Five different groups presented over 2 days. Each report is approx 20 pages. The feedback was very candid. Common themes: standarization, clarification in leadership, liquidating assests and relocating, etc. Outside perspective that has commented on issues that have come up in the past. Will be posted to teams and the forum so everyone has access.

    New business

    1. Art in the Park (Grant/Megan)
    • We got our fees in on time, but we filled out our form incorrectly. We applied as vendor, but KAC wants us to apply as community group. Does this mean we cannot sell (Megan will clarify and has the authority)? A committee will be formed for preparation for this event.
    1. Sunpeaks (Grant/Megan)
    • Rotary Club of Snpeaks. Looking for artists. Application due June 1st, event is July 28th. $100. Need to complete questionaire re: what art is to be sold. Will need further investigation to see if viable (Megan and Blake). Good opportunity for the MakerBus - STEAM event
    1. Metal Shop Clean-up (Dave)
    • Would like to form a committee with Pierre to organize the Metal shop. Looking for volunteers. Planning on shelving and making the space more functional. Will prepare goals and timelines to present at the next meeting.
    1. eWaste (Grant)
    • Finally tracked down Ken from Ken’s Electronics Recycling. He is no longer in the Kamloops area and focusing on just the Shuswap area.
    • We can take stuff to Lorne Street or General Grants.
    • We need to look at setting up a guideline on donations (entering and exiting) so we do not get a backlog as before.
    • Designated “Hackable” area. Once it is full, it has to be dealt with or we cannot bring in anymore.
    • Set up a committee for Hackroom orginization?

    Reports from committees

    1. Governance Committee (documents to be posted to the Forum)
      • Guideline Guideline
      • Motion to present @ next meeting by Megan seconded Blake. All in favour.
      • Roles Guideline
      • Motion to present @ next meeting By Kile seconded by Blake. All in favour.
      • Committees Guideline
      • Motion to present @ next meeting by Dave seconded by Blake. All in favour
      • Safe Space Guideline
      • Motion to present @ next meeting by Blake seconded by Kile. All in favour.
      • Carried until next meeting. Next agenda must list who is presenting and chairing the discussion of each of the guidelines

    Call for Volunteers

    1. Meet-a-Machine (Sat April 21st)
    • Powow Grounds. Makerbus will be there. Soldering stuff wil happen.Need members to man the bus
    1. Green Living Expo (Sat April 28th)
    • Need volunteers for Repair Cafe, MakerBus, and manning the table
    • Repair Cafe is in conjuction with Transition Kamloops - us communicating a culture of hacking and repairing things so people are empowered to repair their own things.
    • Promote the partnership with BLSC as we will be stationed with them and the Bus between us. Repair cafe will be in a seperate space.

    Notice of Construction

    • Notice from City of Kamloops re: Victoria St upgrades
    • Needs to be forwarded to Kevin/Natricia (Kile)

    Goal of Saving Money (Grant)

    • Suggestion of creating a goal of saving $500 a month from mebership dues
    • Currently have surplus from NSERC grant in partnership with BLSC. Hopefully we will sign this week and get half the money next week, the rest to be dispensed monthly.
    • Would like to see a continuing contribution to the fund made

    Outsourcing Summer camp

    • We have identified that there is an opportnity for us to deal with summer students/children’s programming but none of us really have the time to do this.
    • Grant suggests we should look at ECE and Education students who are looking for practicum opportunities.
    • By approaching a thrid party, we are somewhat responsible for the quality of camp presented. Liability issues.
    • Kile counters that there needs to be a rock solid plan whether we do it, or others doing it
    • Blake is available in August for 2-3 days a week. Megan is also availbale for 1-2 days a week. Beh may also be available
    • Potential for two-day camps for a trial run late this summer.
    • We are not opposed to working with 3rd parties, but the proposal must be solid and well defined.
      Meeting adjourned:| 7:59
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  • RE: *POSTPONED* Members Meeting - Tuesday April 17th, 2018 @ 6:30 PM

    So we have a members meeting at 6:30 pm with a “fixer mixer” at 7pm? I didn’t know anything about the mixer until I just saw it on facebook. Which are we doing tonight?

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  • RE: Meet a machine-volunteers needed

    @kile @megan-fenkhuber why does the facebook page say there’s an event for this tonight?

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  • Meet a machine-volunteers needed

    This is a placeholder post for an event this Saturday. 3-4 volunteers required. @nicholas will edit with more details

    @megan-fenkhuber (event)

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  • RE: *POSTPONED* Members Meeting - Tuesday April 17th, 2018 @ 6:30 PM

    We should discuss outsourcing summer camp at the Makerspace. We always talk about doing it but none of us seems to have the time or energy. Vaughn has been successful with the Mighty Makers. Maybe we should talk with student employment and see if some ECE students want to try self employment.

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  • RE: *POSTPONED* Members Meeting - Tuesday April 17th, 2018 @ 6:30 PM

    We need a goal of saving some money rather than spending it as fast as it comes in. There will always be something that needs funding but we need to find a way to save about $500 per month. A non profit should have about 6 months operating expenses in the bank

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