• RE: Vinyl Cutting 101 Thurs. March 23 7-9

    @Beth The Wholesale Graphix sales catalouges are in the white drawer in the Design Lab. I just email my order to sandragwg@telus.net, they send an invoice to my email, then I email them money to:
    They ship over night. Tell them I (Vaughn from Kamloops) referred you.

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  • RE: Makerspace Cabinet and Shelving Materials

    @Roland, good reference, thanks for posting.

    @pierre, this stuff will actually be harder to screw up than the cheap sheets of birch with the veneer that wants to chip and de-lam when you so much as look at it. It is really well built, and the veneer is super hard, both of which lend themselves to a good cut. A good idea, which would help all around, would be to get a nice 100 tooth blade on the saw. That and follow Rolands tips above.

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  • RE: Kathleen Raven Clay Workshop

    Photos of Kathleen Raven’s tile work she will be teaching in her workshop. This looks so awesome!

    2_1493157763429_0028-2.jpg 1_1493157763429_0027.jpg 0_1493157763429_0026.jpg

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  • RE: Makerspace FirstAid Workshop - May 4th

    Hook me up. Let’s tourniquet some head wounds!

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  • RE: Just an interesting video i stumbled upon

    When I was still working with Alex over at Spire, he wrote a blender plugin that generated objects similar to the “blooms” in that video in a parametric manner, then 3d printed them on the Solidoodle, and did a series of stop-motion animations with them. Very interesting to see apparently vertical movement and tumbling come out of a solid part rotated horizontally.

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  • Just an interesting video i stumbled upon

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  • RE: Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

    So, we have 65 hours on the laser since I installed the meter.

    @Vaughn told me he cleaned the lenses in the last couple of days, so I got Jerid to swap out the furnace filter and vacuum out the filter enclosure.

    I tried to fix the x-axis belt alignment issue, to no avail. It looks like the holes were drilled slightly off at the factory and it just took us a while to notice the wear on the belt. In order to compensate, we are going to have to make a mounting plate that gives us control of the pulley angle. Either that or resign ourselves to replacing the belt occasionally, and having spares in stock.

    I confirmed that when you move the Z-axis, the laser dot still drifts down and to the left. Alignment is better than it was at its worst, but is still off. Also the laser, when in focus is not round at all:


    I dropped the bed about an inch and a half between shots. The two hits should have nearly co-witnessed but the beam drifts as it moves down. Also, the close hit beam should have been perfectly circular. Initially I thought maybe the beam was hitting the inside of the lens tube. But this shot makes it clear that it is not hitting near the center of the mirror at all:


    That circle is me rubbing my greasy thumb on the paper and outlining where the hole that goes into the lenses is. Documentation I’m seeing online indicates that we need to hit within 2mm of the center of that circle everywhere on the bed. As it is, we are just clipping the edge of the circle, losing some of our beam, and getting the strongest part of the beam to hit the edge of the lens, which is likely curving it off center.

    About 8 minutes 20 seconds into this video is a pretty good description of how to systematically remove the error from your laser alignment.

    Unless someone comes up with a better suggested procedure, I’m going to try to follow those instructions. @arasbm @Nicholas @MIPS anyone else have suggestions?

    Also, I’ve created a very simple form for logging laser cutter maintenance:

    It just saves info to a spreadsheet in google drive for now. I’d like to capture how many hours before various things need doing so we can start to predict issues. I’ll eventually build it out into `a proper maintenance application with a database backend, but this will do for now. If you do work on the laser, or replace any bits, please use the form to make it easy to track. I’ll try to put it on the desktop on the laser-cutting machine.

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  • RE: Maker Mondays 6-8 pm each week

    I’m going bonkers with work now and no end in sight, so if anyone wants to take up the coordination and promotion of Maker Monday, have at 'er! I am currently doing about 20-30 hours / week for the Space on a range of issues, and other Members will have to step up on this one. Its been a great run since about November and we’ve got a ton done, but its time I turn my attention to my own work - I’ve got some serious catch up to do.

    So, if someone wants to lead the charge on Maker Monday, let the Forum know? If Members don’t drive it, we’ll have to find other ways to keep the Space clean, organized and safe.

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  • RE: Im interested in a "Froggy Mill" CNC 3020 instruction class.

    Sign me up

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