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The original board of directors who found the Kamloops Makerspace

  • RE: Im interested in a "Froggy Mill" CNC 3020 instruction class.

    I used to run these workshops. If there is enough interest, I could schedule something for two to three weeks from now.

    If anyone else wants to help me run this workshop please let me know. It would be great to get more people using the froggy mill.

    In the past the workshop focused on doing simple 2.5D carving based on a vector image. The best free tool I have found for that is easel.

    More recently there has been a few cool 3D CAM applications made available for onshape which I would really like to try on the froggy mill. If this works out successfully, we could also add that to the CNC 101. Check out this video to see what I mean:

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  • RE: Farmers market

    @pierre thanks for dialing me in here, but if I do go to farmers market this year, I would have to get a table to sell my own farm products. We can not sell both farm produce and makerspace stuff on the same booth. If we both go on the same weekend, I could ask market manager to put our booths next to eachother, they were open to that last year.

    One thing the farmers market board were emphasizing a lot, was that items that we sell at the makerspace booth should be made by makerspace members and at makerspace. However, if there are things there just for show and not for sale, they seemed ok with it. It is a great way to get you product introduced if you targeting local market.

    Another important thing is that if you commit to the table you need to be there early morning and set up before the market starts and be there untl market ends. Market manager and other vendors really don’t appreciate when people set up late, or leave early.

    It was a lot of fun hanging out with @Chainmaildave @pierre ashley and @megan-fenkhuber at the market last year. Hope you guys can do it again this year.

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  • RE: Woodshop Orientations

    Thanks folks,

    I did two last week and all I got was crickets, which is fine. I have a short list of people interested now, so I’ll put the call out soon. Keep in mind that eventually we will be requiring courses like this in order to run some of the tooling in the shop as we get ourselves organized. So jump in early…

    Potentially Friday, almost certainly this weekend. What sorts of times or days are best for you two @derpko @HeatherRose ?

    And yes, there will be hands on. We will go over the main tools, the tablesaw, the mitresaw, with a chance to run some wood through, and an overview of the shopsmith.

    I’ll keep you posted, at mentions on this thread.

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  • RE: Broken or missing tools in the Woodshop, Planer

    @pierre Yes! You are the man.

    Thanks for doing that. It sounds like you have all of the model info correct.

    Do you know where is the best place to get one of those in town? Or is it an order it in deal? I have to go to KMS today anyways, I was going to check up there, but I feel like that’s a long shot.

    Thanks again.

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  • RE: Shop Coordinators

    One more thing…

    Can you all forward me your contact info, all the ways you can and are willing to be contacted, as well as which is your preference. Please and thank you.

    You can either PM me on the forum, or email me at

    Thanks again.

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  • Shop Coordinators

    Last year we informally started to assign Lead Hands or Coordinators for each space in the building. This year the board has formalized a committee structure, and the Building Committee has moved to solidify these roles.

    Here is a list of those individuals:
    (For some of you I don’t know forum handles, so if everybody could help me out by tagging those left untagged)

    Woodshop: Myself, Bradley
    Metalshop (formerly fabshop): @pierre
    Hack Room: @MIPS
    Electronics Room: @Ron_Ron
    Design Lab: @Vaughn
    Craftorium: @megan-fenkhuber
    Lounge/kitchen: @Chainmaildave
    Pottery Studio: @amanda_e , Cheetie, @Janet (right handle?)
    Kitchen/mudroom: Ashley (handle?)
    Classroom: @kile

    The intention is not to pile a bunch of work onto these folks. The overall goal is to create a network of communication and workflow (ala Heinlein’s ‘The Moon is a harsh Mistress’ for you scifi nerds) to make the operation more efficient and effective.

    I will be coming up with SOP’s and job descriptions around this over the next few weeks, whether an overall role description or perhaps individual ones for each space should we find it necessary. I’d love your input.

    Here is the basic expectation of those filling these roles, I have talked to many of you about this, some not. If you are NOT willing to fill this role, speak now.

    • The buck stops at you. Please allow for the kind of open debate and do-ocracy that got us where we are today, but ultimately, you have the final say on what comes in your space, where it goes, how users of the space should behave, who cleans it, etc.
    • Be a point of contact for members that have questions or concern about the space under your stewardship. The Building Committee chair (Myself, Bradley Maker) will be your fallback.
    • Liason with the Building Committee. Bring questions, concerns, requests to the committee, and in turn receive the resources you need to allow your space to function effectively.

    That list will likely grow and become more formalized and fleshed out over the next few weeks, hopefully with your input. When they are ready, I’ll be giving you each a role description and whatever SOP’s are ratified for your space.

    In the near term, over the next month, I’d like to get a bunch of feedback from you all. I expect this to be a lot of back and forth in the near term to collect data such as the dimensions and square footage of your space, the tools and fixtures in your space, signage needs in your space, infrastructure needs, etc. The goal is not to create work for you! The goal is to help make the spaces in the building operate more efficiently, which will take a little outlay at the outset.

    So please, feedback if you have any…

    • If you want out of this role, now is the time to let me know.
    • What shall you be called? A coordinator? Lead hand? Steward? I’m on the fence, but I find names to be important so let’s choose wisely.

    I’ll be posting some forms and documents to this thread soon to make it super simple for you to get data to me.


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  • Broken or missing tools in the Woodshop, Planer

    I came in to use the thickness planer last week, for a non-urgent personal project thankfully.

    The belt is missing. Completely gone. It is not in the shop as far as I can tell.

    I can see only two reasons why this would be. First, perhaps somebody has the same planer at home and needed a belt. If that’s the case, FU, that’s inconsiderate and disrespectful. The other possibility is that somebody managed to wreck that belt, and then either threw it out, or hid it to get rid of the evidence.

    If anybody knows where that belt is, whether it is in tact or not, please let me know where I can find it. Having even a broken belt will make it much easier to get the right replacement. And also, if you have any info about why that belt is missing and what happened to cause it to disappear, get in touch.

    Please. Please. PLEASE!
    If you see a damaged tool, notify the shop Coordinator.
    If you damage a tool, notify the shop coordinator.
    Let’s make that a rule.

    Damaged tools are a serious issue. We have a middle school shop class coming through once a week for the next 6. We have insight services bringing children through twice a week, 4D school and Skeechtetsn coming through with children regularly. It is a giant pain in the ass to have a class all set ready to teach, and then find that the tools you needed are not in working order. It is also a safety issue, as a damaged tool may still seem to work to a lay person, but actually be very unsafe.

    And honestly, tools break. It happens. It’s part of work, part of running a shop. I’m an advocate for not babying tools, putting them through their paces. If they break easily, they were never meant for the job they were made to do.

    So please. I hate to sound like I’m talking to children, but…you aren’t in trouble because a tool broke while you were using it. Report these things!

    My number is on the wall all over the space. I’ll take a call from the space for any reason at any time.

    No Excuses.

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  • Woodshop Orientations

    Hello Everybody,

    First a huge thanks to @Vaughn for lighting fires under bums, Timo and @kile for getting the woodshop a kickstart, and putting so much time in there. It’s looking great!

    For really the first time the woodshop is fully functional and useable, and I have time to spend. I’ll be doing woodshop orientations frequently over the next few weeks. I’ve seen a need for us all to get on the same page, have some protocols in there as far as waste management, project storage, cleaning and maintenance, and what tools are there and where they should go.

    I’m not sure the best way to do these orientations, so these first few will be me fumbling through with your help to find the best way to get this done.

    The goal is to give anybody, including a non-woodworker, the bare bones to be able to come in and use the shop safely and effectively. However, I’m not sure this can be done in a 1 hour orientation. I’m leaning towards breaking the full-meal-deal up into a few shorter courses, but we’ll feel that out starting tonight.

    Topics Covered:

    • General Safety, in depth safety for the major tools.
    • Waste and project Management, Workflow
    • Tools and capabilities of the shop
    • Moving Forward, Further resources and ways to get involved

    I have three booked in this week, one this evening at 5pm, just before maker mondays, one at 5pm wednesday for Hack Night, and one after the HCOS class is through this thursday starting at 2:30pm.

    I look forward to getting things flowing up there and doing some good work together!

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  • RE: Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

    When the laser arrived, to my surprize the beam was perfectly aligned. The method described on the manual was not ideal though, it makes a lot of smoke and can get the mirrors dirty. I really like this guys technique and I think this is what we should do:

    However, aligning mirrors should be the very last step of maintenance, after we have done all the other tasks. We should first do all the other choires like cleaning the bed to adjusting the belt and cleaning mirrors. Before attempting to align the beam, we should also make sure the nozzle is straight. I have noticed a couple of times, the nozzle has been sitting on an angle and the beam hits the edge of the nozzle which causes the beam to reflect and hit the material in a C shape.

    Some important point to reiterate from the manual and the video: it is not important that the beam hit the center of the mirror – as long as the beam is aligned. This means hitting the mirror in the same location at the minimum and maximum location of each axis. We would also check that the beam is relatively round.

    I will start a google document and share it with you guys, so hopefully we can write a complete maintenance manual in the next few days and build a solid maintenace team.

    Anyone else beside @Vaughn @kile and @pierre want to be involved in this development?

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