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The original board of directors who found the Kamloops Makerspace

  • RE: Members Meeting, Sunday May 28th 6pm!

    One thing that has been on my mind, and that I’ve had a couple of informal discussions about, is the opportunity that the RFID system gives us to restructure memberships.

    Our current membership regime is based on keys, key holders and non key holders. RFID gets rid of this distinction as we’ll all have RFIDs.

    My other concern is that the space as it is is starving. If it were a plant in the garden, it needs watering and nutrients more than its getting. Its a big building with a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Its a Nonprofit with a heavy administrative burden. It costs somewhere approaching $5K per month to remain solvent. So lots of money, and lots of labour. I feel like we are always in a pinch on both, and this is stressful for the organization.

    I feel like the RFID implementation gives us the opportunity to restructure how we charge out memberships to better serve the space. So whether it is part of the financial discussion, or the RFID discussion, I think we should start to talk openly about how we are going to organize and pay for memberships with RFID instead of keys, and how that new structure can help keep the space thriving.

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  • RE: project using the ssp plywood

    So I’ve talked with I think all of the interested parties earlier today. But I’ll post here for the collective.

    @Kile and I were up in the woodshop last week and it was decided that we would build a lockable cabinet for the woodshop to allow those doing work around the space or running workshops or classes to leave some tools or small projects locked up. It would have come in handy for my woodshop class with HCOS, as the kids were taking projects home and kept forgetting them. It would have been nice to lock up the handtools and in progress projects. So we decided to solve that.

    My concern was that we wouldn’t have enough for the kiln room. We looked at the plans that @amanda_e posted online, and it looked like 10 sheets were necessary, we needed 2 for the woodshop project. I personally have 3 sheets in the pile that I put up as replacements if need be. We both felt comfortable that that was reasonable and just wanted to get started.

    I feel like a horses ass about it, especially as Subsequently I’ve been sucked into a personal vortex and we haven’t even been able to finish the project. I was hoping for today, but its looking like tomorrow for that.

    I’ve also been struggling with my internet at home, spending hours trying to troubleshoot it, and no time to get to the cafe for net. Therefor haven’t been in good communication.

    I’m confident as I was when we charged into it that there is plenty of ply to go around and that I had my sheets as replacements if needed. So the issue is communication, and I’m sorry that it has taken me so long get this across as I should’ve done right off the bat.

    My sincere apologies.

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  • RE: Potluck 7pm Sunday

    Sorry to have missed it guys. I was up to my eyebrows with shit, and wasn’t 100% sure if it was happening as my internet has been failing. I’d be interested in a weekly or monthly or somewhere in between regular meal together. I’ll get the crock going again soon too…

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  • Building a 20' diameter geodome greenhouse

    Re: My geodome greenhouse project
    It only took me 2 years, but I am finally tackling this project. @colin and another friend come over to give me a hand. I will post the instructions and more picture when the frame is put together. 2_1494825091677_resized002.png 1_1494825091677_resized001.png 0_1494825091675_resized000.png

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  • RE: Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

    so @pierre and I did a quick inspection today after the workshop. The laser is out of alignment. It also not hitting in a round circle shape as you would expect. This may be due to damages mirror or lens, or hitting side of one of the mirrors on the way. We need to set a few hours aside and do a full inspection and realignment of the mirrors.

    I do not think it is unsafe to continue to use the laser for now, however you may notice reduce cut quality.

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  • RE: Makerspace FirstAid Workshop - May 4th

    I also like to thank Twila and @Torren! I never had the opportunity to take a first aid course before and this crash course today was very informative and packed full of great tips. Really appreciate all the time and effort you two put into this. Also, everyone else participating in the workshop were awesome. So happy I could make it.

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  • RE: Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

    I will be there on Thursday for the first aid workshop, after I will inspect the laser and report back.

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  • RE: Makerspace FirstAid Workshop - May 4th

    @Torren sign me up please! Thanks!

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  • RE: Im interested in a "Froggy Mill" CNC 3020 instruction class.

    I used to run these workshops. If there is enough interest, I could schedule something for two to three weeks from now.

    If anyone else wants to help me run this workshop please let me know. It would be great to get more people using the froggy mill.

    In the past the workshop focused on doing simple 2.5D carving based on a vector image. The best free tool I have found for that is easel.

    More recently there has been a few cool 3D CAM applications made available for onshape which I would really like to try on the froggy mill. If this works out successfully, we could also add that to the CNC 101. Check out this video to see what I mean:

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