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The original board of directors who found the Kamloops Makerspace

  • RE: Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

    When the laser arrived, to my surprize the beam was perfectly aligned. The method described on the manual was not ideal though, it makes a lot of smoke and can get the mirrors dirty. I really like this guys technique and I think this is what we should do:

    However, aligning mirrors should be the very last step of maintenance, after we have done all the other tasks. We should first do all the other choires like cleaning the bed to adjusting the belt and cleaning mirrors. Before attempting to align the beam, we should also make sure the nozzle is straight. I have noticed a couple of times, the nozzle has been sitting on an angle and the beam hits the edge of the nozzle which causes the beam to reflect and hit the material in a C shape.

    Some important point to reiterate from the manual and the video: it is not important that the beam hit the center of the mirror – as long as the beam is aligned. This means hitting the mirror in the same location at the minimum and maximum location of each axis. We would also check that the beam is relatively round.

    I will start a google document and share it with you guys, so hopefully we can write a complete maintenance manual in the next few days and build a solid maintenace team.

    Anyone else beside @Vaughn @kile and @pierre want to be involved in this development?

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  • RE: Social Planning Grant

    Awesome! :smile:

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  • RE: Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

    @pierre @Vaughn @kile would Saturday at 6pm work for you guys or is that too late? I agree Wednesday night is not a good time to do calibration or maintenance.

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  • RE: This guy knows about jigs and fixtures.

    @pierre We’ll talk soon.

    If I can’t find my copies of the Wandell plans I purchased last year, I’ll be buying them again. I need to make a few simple fundamental things like sleds and featherboards for the tablesaw for the upcoming HCOS shop class in april/may, get a kit of hand tools hanging on the wall, and waste management protocols and infrastructure.

    But. When the basics are in, and that class is rolling, I’ll be bringing in a nice big router with bits, making a pantorouter, and a box-making jig for the tablesaw.

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  • RE: Table Saw Donation from KMS

    @Vaughn @kile and Timo and all others that did the massive amount of work up the woodshop, It looks awesome! Thank you thank you thank you! I look forward to getting in there this week.

    I just have one concern.

    I just became aware of the details of this air conditioner last night. I had originally heard dust extractor. Which I was excited to hear that they had “thrown” in. Because we need one.

    I think that having a good, safe, working saw up there is a good investment, absolutely. However, it seems to me like we were given a free saw, and somehow at the last minute we also bought an air conditioner ($500 + tax is about what we owe them). Which Is not what I expected.

    If we want to collect dust, we want to be doing it at the tools first. Once that’s set up, adding a unit like that is a nice luxury add on. It makes no sense to have our primary dust collector hanging from the ceiling, to be making piles of sawdust at each tool, sweeping up the dust, and having that unit collect a tiny amount of dust by exchanging air. To boot, its a shitty chinese knock-off brand. I’ve bought some magnum hand tools, and they have literally, every single one, broken.

    @Vaughn can we talk to KMS?

    I understand that perhaps it was necessary to get a deal to make some amount of a purchase, but can we direct that precious money towards something that is actually urgently needed? A new mitre saw? A good size dust collector and cyclone with some abs to run around the room to collect the dust from the tools before it becomes airborn? A good router? A full kit of hand tools, multiples of each so we can teach classes? The classroom that is underfunded? Kiln room? Or that money buys a ton of plywood and bins for the storage mission so that you wouldn’t have to personally outlay.

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  • RE: Members Meeting - Sunday March 19 2017 6pm-8pm

    Good morning everybody.

    Thanks all for your input. The agenda looks in order if maybe a bit full, but what else is new. It’s why I’ve always voiced that we should have more short meetings instead fewer marathon ones as best can be afforded by the involved individuals time constraints. I think the current arrangement of directors, memebers, and scattered committee meetings is working well, although it feels to me like we are playing catch up temporarily.

    I don’t have much concrete data as far as to whether or not cleanliness has been a barrier to membership. It sounds like some of us do. My intuitive sense is that space cleanliness is absolutely, certainly a barrier generally. It has caused plenty of interpersonal friction over the past year or so, and I could easily name a couple of members that have left due to that friction. My personal experience starting late last winter and spring was that running workshops in the kitchen always involved a huge amount of cleaning up in order to make the space work and be comfortable for guests. That added chore added to the stress, and eventually led to my biggest helper in that regard leaving, and is a big factor in why I no longer run those workshops. I’d like to start doing them again, and this is the biggest variable holding me back from pulling that trigger. The woodshop was similar. I had plans to transform the space, but I had a lot of other things going on, and I couldn’t spend enough time to be constantly cleaning up in order to use the space to actually modify the space. I’ll acknowledge that I like to puzzle things together slowly which obviously compounded the problem. I have had many hard lessons in the way I do things and have modified my plans and way of working to suit. The general friction around this issue was exhausting for me and is one factor in why I was scarce around the space the last half of last year.

    It comes down to respecting the other people that use the space. Always keeping in mind that this is a community space, we share it. With other human beings. Other people that are different from us, have different expectations, dreams, plans, and uses for the space.

    Further to that it comes down to respecting the organization itself. I made my opinion clear during discussions this time last year a few times that we needed a space that other groups, children, city officials, inspectors, guests, and other active members of the wider kamloops community can come into and feel comfortable. As much as being inclusive is in our values, the hard facts of WHY the space needs to be welcoming and usable, first and foremost, is cashflow. Unfortunately most people who want to be involved are going to have a certain threshold of cleanliness and organization that they are willing to tolerate. On the flipside, if the space perpetually looked like it did 6 or 8 months ago, eventually the only people we would be able to attract are those willing to perpetually put up with the space looking and functioning that way, and unfortunately in this world money is necessary, and money does not flow towards apparent mess and disorganization, as much as it does create a shit ton of both. My prediction remains what it was last spring, if we can’t clean up and get organized, then cashflow will dry up. I just had a difficult and painful master course in mess and disorganization creating a catastrophic cashflow issue.

    I find that cleanliness also has a lot to do with self-respect.

    They also say it is next to godliness. But what do they know?

    However, the little bit I was able to make it in this past week, I’m extremely impressed and massive headway has been made. Thank you to everybody who put in time, elbow grease and cash to make that happen. Let’s keep that rolling.

    @kile, @pierre and others concerned with the proposed service requirement on either side, I’ll reiterate as I have been since the beginning that there is a ton of infrastructural creation and maintenance to be done around the space and I’ve always been for a program for organizing that effort, including things like chore obligation, an hours bank, chores in return for discounts, etc.

    @kile you mention that perhaps you need to “re-brand” your proposal, reframe it. @Sue conducted a major effort to go back through the history books and collective memory to get a rough record of how many volunteer hours were put into the space over the first year. There was some amount of admin put into trying to track that going forward, but as far as I know that ship, like so many others, never really made it out of port.

    So what if instead of creating a service obligation, we simply obligate everybody to log the service they are most likely already doing? Instead of nagging each other about chores, we work together to create a story of what we do, how we do it, dedication, and hours of elbow grease. This way everybody’s service is on record clearly (or not I suppose) so there is no assumption or confusion. We also get a record of volunteer hours for grant apps. We get a lot of data for business planning. We get a historical record of the creation of the space to smile upon when we are all naked and famous or old and tired.

    It has been mentioned many times, and I’m paraphrasing obviously, that we need to nurture and grow a culture in which the space can thrive. I agree. Cultures are not created by force, they are slowly accrued through telling, sharing, recording and editing stories, more generally, through artistic expression.

    I think this would be a collab between the building committee and the membership tracking system. It seems like we need to, and are planning to be in more regular contact with the membership to be sure dues are paid on time, and given the content of this thread, it may not hurt to survey them each month, with a separate survey for leaving members.

    Perhaps surveys are just as disdained as service obligations. We all hate those cold calls. We hate them because we are being asked of our time to create value for a large corporation so that they can better get money out of us. This is a warm call, this would be taking a few minutes once a month to help create value for KM.

    I don’t see it as being a demand, “what have you done for us lately”, but more a chance for us all to define and get a pat on the back for what it is that we each uniquely do to create this amazing organization.

    I look forward to seeing you all this evening…

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  • RE: Members Meeting - Sunday March 19 2017 6pm-8pm

    I won’t be able to make it to the meeting, all the new babies on the farm are keeping me very busy. But I wanted to say a few things based on the agenda I see posted.

    Awesome new list of keyholders

    Congratulations to Amanda, Janet, Cheetie and @Ron_Ron ! that is an awesome list of new keyholders.

    Mudroom transformation

    I managed to come in today briefly and saw the new state of the mudroom, and wow what a difference! It is clear Vaughn is pouring his heart into the space and putting a ton of work into it. Member storage has always been an issue and I have tried to help metigate it in the past. Now with this new elegant storage implimentation we will have a lot more storage space for everyone and it will be consistant. When you work on a project you can take your bin inside and grab all your tools and material, and when you are done, pack it back into the bins. I absolutely love it! It is great to see a lot of members emberacing the change (I know it is not easy, specially with everyones busy lives), but it is definitly a huge upgrade. Also, the new organized mudroom will definitely help us make a much better first impression when we give tours!

    Makerspace members are stakeholders

    I just wanted to say I feel that as a member, I am still responsible for the space and I hope that everyone else feels the same. We are not clients of a “business”. This organization was made as a not for profit from day one because we wanted to create a resource for ourselves, that we directly control and shape. All members own makerspace and should feel and act so. It is ours to make, expand, design, improve and protect. We all have busy lives and not everyone will be able to be there all the time to help out, but when you get a chance to go to the space and use it, making a bit of time to contibute something, in an area you care about goes a long ways.

    I also wanted to echo the comments @Ron_Ron’s made above that really resonate with me. Don’t get hung up by comments about people leaving space or not joining because of this or that. Considering the resources we have had, we have been doing an amazing job retaining members. Instead, look at what people are doing and see if it is making the space a better place right now. To me this new mudroom upgrade is a perfect example of an initiative that is imidiately making the space more usable for everyone.

    I feel like there are some really exciting times ahead for makerspace. Thank you to everyone, including the new board, the new members, and the pottery studio leaders, who are working so hard making makerspace a better place for all of us! Keep up the great work!

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  • RE: Oscilloscope Workshop - Thursday March 16 6-8pm

    @PWMIKE I just talked to Colin yesterday and there is still room, so come on down today. I am attending the workshop too, and pretty excited about it :)

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  • RE: The Russians have done it again!

    @pierre maybe they had a technical limitation and hit their maximum Z travel.

    To me, it would be really interesting to use a more sustainable material such as hempcrete or even cob. The potential for saving energy and reducing carbon footprint is huge for a project like this. I am surprised why many more companies are not popping up everywhere experimenting with 3D printed architecture.

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