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The original board of directors who found the Kamloops Makerspace

  • Members meeting 13 March 2018

    I would like to confirm the members meeting and suggest an agenda

    Members Meeting 13 March 2018 starting at 6:30 PM
    Proposed agenda

    Discuss this year’s Green Expo and Repair Cafe -Nicholas
    Go over proposed bylaws
    Discuss solutions for forum and MailChimp

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  • Repair Cafe

    I posted this a couple days ago but it doesn’t seem to have made it. We really need to fix the forum.

    As some of you may know, a group is looking to organize Repair Cafe events in Kamloops. Repair Cafes are being run around the world with great success. The idea is that someone brings in an item and works with a mentor to diagnose and (hopefully) repair their item. The mentor will be advising, not fixing the items themselves.

    These events would closely align with part B and C of our constitution:
    b. To organize and host workshops and events focused on teaching specific or broad skills related to tinkering, using tools, and making things to members and the community
    c. To provide related services and tools for fostering creativity and progress in the arts, science, and technology as determined by the members

    I hope to eventually offer organizational supports for them under Scoperta Resources, however, think that I will not be going quick enough to do so for their first event. I would like to have Makerspace support Repair Cafe for their first event at Green Expo this year on April 28th. Other organizations supporting us in our infancy was the only way we have been able to succeed. I feel it is extremely important that we pay this kindness forward. Makerspace (hopefully), Makerbus, and other groups will be there and will have a great impact on our community.

    I will look into the insurance implications and will report back. I will also be bringing this proposal to the next members meeting and will approach the Repair Cafe organizers about a membership or donation to the space.

    Feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have. I am taking responsibility on this for the makerspace front if we go forward to ensure it is taken care of. I also hope some Makerspace members will join us as mentors.

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  • RE: Where are the KMS logo files?

    Here is what I have. Hopefully something useful in there.

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  • What are our values?

    What are our values?

    During our discussion of governance, I stressed the importance of values. Our values are our guiding principals. If our constitution, bylaws, and policies do not meet our values they will not be effective in furthering our goals as a group. Due to the importance of this, we must ensure our values represent our group broadly.

    The culture of a workplace - an organization’s values, norms, and practices - has a huge impact on our happiness and success.
    -Adam Grant

    I will list the values that we came up with as a group and endeavor to define them. I would appreciate everyone’s input in these as they are a tool to gauge future decision making in the space. I would like to add the values worked on in the Plan Genie process @vaughn

    Our values


    The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

    As it pertains to the space I believe this refers to the organic and fun-loving nature of the makerspace. The growth and development of the space without burden. I believe this is of utmost importance to recognize as we develop policy.


    To use, occupy, or enjoy jointly with another or others.

    This includes the sharing of space, resources, and ideas


    The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.

    This is paramount, both in the physical sense as the nature of what we do necessitates we value the prevention of injury; safety also refers to the mental and emotional well-being of our membership.


    Interested in helping the wider community; socially concerned.

    Comunity Outreach was listed. I would propose community -mindedness as outreach is an action not so much a value. I would postulate that the value of helping the Kamloops area and the citizens within, is core to why we do outreach. If we were not community-minded we would not seek to share our organization with our community.


    Attempt to repair or improve something in a casual way.

    Wow, most dictionary definitions are surprisingly harsh to this word. I believe that our definition of a tinkering refers to a more methodical but free exploration of creating. I think Making as ambiguous as the term is more accurate to our use.


    The action or process of producing or making something. Something that causes someone to become better or more successful.

    Being that it is in our name It probably should be a value of ours. I think this is how many of us use the word tinkering.


    To develop the faculties and powers of a person by teaching.

    We not only educate others through mentoring of workshops but ourselves through our exploration of the world around us.


    The quality of including many different types of people and treating them all fairly and equally. / The quality of being fair and impartial.

    Paramount to ensuring our value of safety we should ensure all members have equal footing with their peers. this is regardless of position or any inclination.

    Social Interaction

    The way people talk and act with each other and various structures in society.

    Kamloops Makerspace is a social hub. Many great friendships and connections have come out the social interaction in the space.


    Fairness and straightforwardness of conduct/The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness

    Paramount to ensuring the well-being of our membership and the ability to run an effective organization, is trust and goodwill.


    Visibility or accessibility of information especially concerning business practices.

    information within the makerspace, its dealings, policies, and procedures should be accessible to the membership. Openness among members should also be encouraged to avoid conflict.


    The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

    One of our goals as a group is to facilitate the growth of our members through access and education.


    Capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a venture along with any of its risks in order to make change

    I added this one as I am a firm believer in the common values of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial spirit has always been strong in the creation of the space and the conduct of its members.

    I would appreciate as much input in this as possible as I would like to create a values document by the AGM and have it voted on, to be used by the future leadership of the space to influence decisions. This will be a living document to be reviewed yearly and updated as needed.

    Thank you all for your input

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  • RE: Governance

    @kile on a related note markdown on the forum is great. Nice and accessible everybody should learn a new skill to make a decent looking post on a forum.

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  • Governance


    What a dirty word.

    Good governance with good intentions is the hallmark of our government “makerspace”. Implementation with integrity is our core passion.
    Narendra Modi

    Nonprofit governance has a dual focus

    1. The organization’s social mission.
    2. Ensuring the organization is viable.

    Both responsibilities relate to responsibility the board has with respect to the exercise of authority over the actions the organization takes. Trust and accountability are an essential aspect of organizational viability so we achieve our mission in a way that is respected by our members and community.

    Our mission is

    The purposes of the society are:

    a. To provide a physical space where makers, hobbyists, inventors, artists, engineers, and other innovative people from all walks of life, can come together and share ideas, knowledge, equipment, and opinions in a collaborative and creative atmosphere

    b. To organize and host workshops and events focused on teaching specific or broad skills related to tinkering, using tools, and making things to members and the community

    c. To provide related services and tools for fostering creativity and progress in the arts, science, and technology as determined by the members

    There are many governance structures and equally as much work done on them. Here is an interesting paper on makerspace governance.

    I believe there has been considerable resistance to formalizing a model for the space, due to concerns about it taking the freedom and creativity out of the space. I believe however it will do the opposite. Good governance can:

    • Reduce “Burn Out”
    • Set expectations
    • Reduce conflict
    • Create professionalism
    • Increase safety
    • Encourage growth
    • Define values
    • Guide decisions
    • Ensure continuity
    • Increase diversity
    • Meet legal requirements

    In order to achieve these goals, we need to start with defining our values. If a value is maintaining freedom and creativity, we must ensure that any guiding material meets that value. Organization does not destroy values it can ensure them.

    This is a big job

    Governance is not something banged together at a meeting, deliberated upon and passed. Governance is a series of methods used to ensure that decisions and actions meet our needs and values. Needs and values change, and as such so will our methods of governing ourselves. As such it is important that our board establish committees and task forces to create these frameworks. Such committees would be responsible for:

    • ByLaws
      • Reviewing and revising
      • Getting approval from
        • Membership
        • Board
        • Government
    • Policy
      • Creating policy
      • Reviewing, revising
      • Getting approval from
        • Membership
        • Board
    • Board development
      • Terms of reference (Job descriptions)
      • Orientation
      • Training
      • Succession planning
    • Strategic planning
      • Goal setting
      • Operational planning
    • Monitoring the above and making changes as needed.

    Right now these burdens are carried almost solely by the board and due to the strain, we experience burn out or the overlooking or underperformance of some of these important tasks. Implementing proper governance can reverse this and ensure we thrive in the future.

    Separate responsibilities

    It is important to understand a boards purpose is usually not in executing actions but more in setting direction. Board members can, but not always have to be directly involved execution. This has certainly created tension in the past, especially when a board member moves focus to governance issues due to frustrations they may have on an organizational level. Recognising a separation between decision making and execution will be vital in creating a safe effective organization. I applaud all the hard work of the previous board and everyone who works so hard to ensure the success of Kamloops Makerspace. By setting terms of reference we can ensure that peoples work is respected and never duplicated or devalued.

    In conclusion

    I have tried to keep this as concise as possible, however, as you can see this is a wide-ranging and important subject; that resembles a significant challenge for us to overcome in 2018 and the future. I would like to be part of governance on a committee level and talk to it at further length at the planning session January 14th, 2018. I have not covered everything here as I aimed more to explain the general need for addressing this. I look forward to everyones input of this.

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  • RE: Members Meeting - Sun Jan 14 4 - 7 pm

    @Grant-Fraser Thank you, treasurer is a vital role and coming into it at a time of considerable turmoil you have done an amazing job. I would suggest that some of the tasks of the treasurer such as dealing with membership tracking should be done in a separate role to reduce the inevitable burnout of the position. Thank you again for all you have done to grow the space, Grant.

    @kile thanks. I would love to do a presentation on governance and sit on a governance committee if the new board wishes to form one. This would be a significant help in drafting new bylaws. Kamloops Makerspace has had great growth however a strong foundation will help future stable growth

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  • RE: Bodging stuff together with metal. Part 1

    Plasma cutting leaves a bit more heat in its slag due to its nature. A layer of two of type x drywall would be more than sufficient. Code calls for two sheets of type x for a 1-hour burn rating in firewalls.

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  • RE: Bodging stuff together with metal. Part 1

    @pierre Firebricks are overkill for arc welding as slag and sparks cool down to fast to transfer any serious heat. Sheet metal on the ground and up the walls a couple inches. (to the height of working would be great for grinding) Fireproof silicone the corners and most importantly put in a curb. Sparks tend to hit the ground and slide off under something, that is usually the culprit in welding fires. We should have a considerable amount of tin around.

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    @pierre they are certainly pricey but I m thinking of ordering some. I usually have a P38 or 51 in my wallet. I like the P51 more because of my arthritis. Those things have helped me through some weird binds. The FRED might not wallet stow as nice.

    IFAK knives are another one of those cheap handy EDC things as well.

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