• RE: New and Improved Maker Monday

    I sent an e-transfer of $50 to the membership email.

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  • RE: Building 20 MeArm Kits for Canada day

    @arasbm I just remembered that we’re still missing 3 wires for each kit.

    a pair of wires to connect the 5V/Ground rails on each side of the breadboard, and a ground wire to connect the Arduino to one of the rgound rails.

    I won’t be able to make it next week (I’ll be in San Francisco).

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  • RE: Canada Day Art in the Park

    IMPORTANT Artist / Community Booth Check-in Information
    –You MUST enter via Lorne St., east of Sandman Centre arena – no exceptions!–


    1. From 6am to 8am only, registered artists and community groups must check in at back parking lot entrance just east of Sandman Centre (enter off Lorne St. - see map below)
    2. You will be directed to your location in the park when it is safe to proceed
    3. Please park your vehicle off to the side while you unload so that other vehicles may get past
    4. Unload vehicle as quickly as possible to make room for next vendors waiting to get in - do NOT set up yet
    5. Move vehicle to vendor parking (behind Sandman Centre)
    6. Then, walk back and set up booth
    7. You must be ready for customers by 8:30am

    Booth Set Up: Once you’ve moved your vehicle, set-up your own tent & tables (KAC is not able to supply these items) and ARTfully display your fabulous selection of creative hand-made (and approved) goods. Please adhere to your assigned number and its boundaries. No trading of spaces will be allowed; if there is an issue with your spot, please find Lorel or a traffic attendant (wearing orange vests) immediately to rectify the situation (or call the Art in the Park cell for help 250-682-8634 or 778-921-2470). All artists will have a numbered sign attached to their booth, and it must remain clearly visible all day (a KAC volunteer will come around and attach in the morning and remove at the end of the day).

    The Event: 9am to 5pm. The Kamloops Arts Council is committed to making Art in the Park a premiere event for both the City of Kamloops and its participating Artists. Quality control will be in effect - make sure that you are only selling what has been accepted on your application.

    Wrap Up: All booths must remain in place until 5 pm. DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR IN THE PARK UNTIL 5pm. If you’ve had a great run on sales and are out of product, we suggest that you take advantage of the remainder of the day to promote yourself and your art. Starting at 5 pm, you’ll be able to dismantle your booth at that time, then bring in your vehicle. Everyone is responsible for removing any and all packing supplies that they brought into the park. Garbage cans are not plentiful so please haul your recyclables out when you leave.

    Art in the Park Event Checklist for Artists and Community Groups
    *Please note that coffee & snack may not be provided this year, come prepared!
    Your map
    Tent, canopy or umbrella (optional but recommended - limited shade areas are available since some trees have been removed from the park)
    Tables and/or shelving units. Don’t forget some odd bits of wood to help level your table or shelving units as the park has some uneven areas.
    Chairs (though standing or perching on a high stool to talk with customers is best)
    Materials to create an attractive space in which to sell your work (tablecloths, fabric, display units, etc). Bare tables are not acceptable.
    Bungy cords, rope or some mechanism to hold your tent down. Weighted milk cartons will help with our 3 o’clock wind.
    Power cords (if you requested power)
    Cash Float (no banks open!) There will be ATM machines on site.
    Drinking Water - the City has a free water station, so just bring a bottle to keep hydrated through the day.
    Pack a lunch and snacks to keep you going through the day. There will be food trucks on site and Folkfest has Multicultural food booths, but it may be difficult to get away from your booth on a busy day.
    Self Promotion Items: signage, business cards, brochures, etc.
    Directions to the park (use Google Maps to Riverside Park, Kamloops).
    Incidentals (tape, pens, paper, etc)
    Sunscreen / hat
    we recommend you print and bring this email

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  • RE: Hackathon

    I’d be interested in a automata hackathon https://www.facebook.com/groups/automata/

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  • RE: Art project

    You know where the pile of damaged fibre I brought in is right? Hack room on the shelf below all the oscilloscopes.

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  • RE: 18650

    Thinking about it some more, we should build a little rig to test lithium, lead-acid and nicad batteries, and just leave it set up in the electronics lab. Because it would be significantly more awesome to have a pile of tested rechargables to draw from when you are mid-project getting ready for an event.

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  • RE: 18650

    My best recollection is that it looked like an array of several of these:


    bolted to an aluminum plate/heat-sink.

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  • RE: 3D printing workshop? anyone interested?

    @Cindos said:

    Hey Cole. I’m already a member ;). Was just thinking of getting my father in law signed up for a membership to. Most of these usually have either a post that people sign up on or an event they sign up on if there is limited space. If that isn’t the case with this one do we just confirm with you if we are coming?

    We really missed the boat in not doing some sort of Father’s day event didn’t we? Maybe next year.

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