(It’s got smhoo on it because I need to protect it from french winters)

I still have a lot of learn about the embroidery software, but here is something I drew from scratch as an illustration in my sketchbook, which I then took and digitized it into a vector using Illustrator and finally sending it to the embroidery machine to do it’s work.

My biggest issues right now with the Brother PE-770 are dealing with transfer threads (but I’m sure I can optimize it in the software) and the second issue is that I can’t run at full speed yet because it is prone for more failures. I run at 350 stitches per min right now, It can go up to 650. I believe the problem is the cheap poly thread I have.

Anyways… just an example of the work for the the brother pe-770 unit.

edit: Also worth mentioning that bobbin tension seems to be a minor issue. (white bobbin thread popping out to surface)