Fundraiser Workshop:

Enchanted Clay with Janet Whitehead and her Faery Cohort!
$75/parent child team
Max 4 parent and child registrations (8 people)

To register: email and make arrangements.

Join Janet Whitehead and her cohort of Faery Helpers for an enchanting evening of shared creation! A pottery and faery lovers delight!

Janet has a history of being inundated with faeries and other enchanted beings in her pottery studio - to the point of now having a published memoir ‘Beyond All Imaginings’ that tells that crazy, but true, story. Adults are invited to bring a child and each sculpt their own personal magical character. Your artwork will then go through the drying and kiln firing process, ready for you to pick up and finish with paints, stains, or leave as is.

A Makerspace FUNDRAISER for the development of The Clay Space pottery studio. Please sign up now and help make it happen!

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