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  • Having been fed up with some of the problems the neighbors have been leaving beside and especially behind the building (eww) I looked into what could be done for upgrading the exterior lighting at the back of the building and not blowing lavish amounts on something fancy. I have been in contact with the electrician at the Overlander Ski Club and they are in the process of replacing the lighting in their parking lot and around Stake Lake (see: ) with modern LED as funding permits. This will mean that relatively soon they will be trying to figure out what to do with 21 fluorescent lights, plus a few spares they keep for parts.
    These are outdoor grade lamps that you would of seen lining the downtown streets before they replaced them with sodium in the 70’s (see: ). We have no need for 21 lamps but I figure four would be enough to suit the matter at hand. Two lamps would be corner mounted on the mud room where the existing spotlight is installed. The other two at the corner of the woodshop above the stairs near where the other spotlight lives. Together you cover all the trouble spots with no need to make drastic changes to the building’s exterior wiring. The lamps use standard bulbs and ballasts and can be upgraded to LED in future if we so desire. This is probably a great time to scavenge parts from that gym lighting hiding behind the metal shop. (unless that belongs to the landlord?) I am willing to donate my time to deliver the lamps and supply the materials to refurbish, install and wire them in. Grant will have to sign off on any electrical work as he is one of our certified electricians but I feel this is a great project for the space to take on in regards to upcycling and improving the building’s exterior appearance.

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    @MIPS, good work! In general I am typically anti-flourescent lighting. That said, I am, in general, even more anti-human-feces-and-crack-pipes-outside-around-the-building. I could see myself getting behind this. Do you think there will be any additional cost to the space related to the install of these lights?

  • We should have all the materials necessary to install them already.
    My rough math indicates we shouldn’t consume more power than we already are with the three 150W incandescent flood lamps.

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    Good idea, @MIPS - I have been seeing some serious zombie zoo action out there at night and welcome this and other ideas for improving the situation.

    a few things come to mind:

    • Is it possible to install these lights in such a way that they are shielded above, ie don’t glare out the entire neighborhood? I don’t want to ruin the neighbors night view with yet another set of glaring lights. Some kind of hat on the fixture that ensures it just lights down?
    • I assume these lights would be on a sensor that turns them on when dark, but would they also have a switch that allows them to be turned off at night? I think we need that feature.
    • The landlords will need to sign off on this, which should be no problem.
    • While we are on the subject of the rear of the building, I think a section of orange plastic concert fencing run between the back corner of the building and the fence would help dissuade poopers and crackers from going there. Does anyone have any of this?

    Thanks Mips - good idea.

  • These all look like pole mounted lights. I don’t think they will work on the side of the building. The boxes for lights are only meant to hold onto something that fits tight to the wall. Bring one in and we can have a look.

  • Vaughn: The lamps don’t have a large lens or on them like regular streetlights because fluorescent light is already diffused. I dare say that when mounted 15 feet above the ground there’s about 120 degrees of light dispersal side to side? Similar lights are installed behind the Museum and Archives if you want to get an idea of what this looks like. Beyond that I’d have to go up to the lake and take some measurements but it’s definitely a rather narrow path of light so the neighbors shouldn’t complain.

    As they would draw power from the original exterior lamp locations which I believe are both switched circuits we can manually control them however last I looked we only have one that is ambient light controlled but you can buy new photocell switches at the ReStore or at the used construction supply center on the reserve. I believe the ski club had them all switched from one timer in the lodge.

    Grant: They are designed to be fitted on lamp standards however the mount point if I recall is just a 2" hole with bushings and a bolt through it. I know a few people in Barnartvale who have sodium lamps attached to their garage or detached workshop. A number of prebuilt wallmounts are available however a length of pipe bent to the angle we desire (read above about where we want light to shine) welded to a piece of angle steel and four lag bolts works just as well because yes, the saucer boxes won’t support one lamp that weighs around 30-45 pounds, let alone two. I’ll try and see if I can get hold of a lamp and bring it in so we can make future decisions. I’ve invited the guy from the lake to one of the hack nights to see the space and see what I was proposing.

  • Luciano (Luc) invited me up to the lake this morning to look at the lighting he had set aside for us and show me the wall/pole mount they built a few years back. He sent me on my way with two lamps and four replacement bulbs. Spent the afternoon replacing the ballasts and sorting out the wiring. They both have twist-lock sockets on top for a photocell but for now I’ve hardwired them to light the moment you plug them in.

    (photobucket links, sorry) Bucket/CGS_7520.jpg Bucket/CGS_7521.jpg Bucket/CGS_7522.jpg Bucket/CGS_7523.jpg

    I am going to admit, I thought they were a little smaller. Both are almost five feet long and weigh 50-60 pounds each. They do indeed use a 2" pole mount. Grant is concerned that these will be too heavy to secure to the building. Vaughn, Grant and I are in agreement they are pretty large. Going to need additional input before proceeding with fabrication and installation. In the meantime both lamps are leaning against the wall in the Mud Room.

  • Could we try and get some 2" steel donated and make our own light poles/standards? Or see if the City of Kamloops has something they’ll donate?

  • To put in poles we have to dig holes for the bases. A simple fence post needs to go in the ground 3 feet. I really think these will be more work than they’re worth,

  • Gonna have to second that. If it comes down to needing lamp standards dug and installed it’s not worth the effort.
    My assumption from the start was that they could, somehow, be secured to the side of the building.

  • robot arm light. lolz

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    The idea of more lights on the exterior of the building is a good one, but it has to be done in a way that respects the esthetics of the building, the view-points of our neighbors, and the initializing requirement: increased building safety. I am not convinced that these lights will deliver that - thank you, @MIPS nonetheless for the energy.

    I raked, swept and bagged the detritus around our building exterior today (trying to keep up with New Life Mission, who have their facility cleaner than I have ever seen it).

    I think we are winning.

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    This post is deleted!

  • … Or: Killer Art in the Dark installation? Throw 'em inside a moving, multi-layered, laser-cut automaton. :)

  • I quickly peeked in earlier this evening and dropped off two threaded mounts. They’re on the floor.
    Both are designed for supporting a large TV or plasma set up to 150 lbs. There’s a small adjustment so you can vary the angle. All you need to do is thread in a 1 3/4" pipe and the lamps attach to that.

  • So what was the final word on what was going to happen? I was going to follow up with Luc this weekend as he’s holding another two lamps for us but if indeed the proposal isn’t going to work I can follow up that they’re a little larger than expected and we don’t actually need anymore.
    That being said he’s got another 20 lamps he has to deal with over the next year so if anyone wants to follow up with him I can help you in that department.

  • Thank you for the offer but we cannot use them at the space.

  • @kile said:

    I am, in general, even more anti-human-feces-and-crack-pipes-outside-around-the-building.

    I wish the forum would let me upvote this understated gem a hundred times. If anyone ever introduces me to someone who is not AHFAXPOATB I plan to ask that person to leave and never come back. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

  • I’ll be around later this afternoon to collect them.

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