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  • robot arm light. lolz

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    The idea of more lights on the exterior of the building is a good one, but it has to be done in a way that respects the esthetics of the building, the view-points of our neighbors, and the initializing requirement: increased building safety. I am not convinced that these lights will deliver that - thank you, @MIPS nonetheless for the energy.

    I raked, swept and bagged the detritus around our building exterior today (trying to keep up with New Life Mission, who have their facility cleaner than I have ever seen it).

    I think we are winning.

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    This post is deleted!

  • … Or: Killer Art in the Dark installation? Throw 'em inside a moving, multi-layered, laser-cut automaton. :)

  • I quickly peeked in earlier this evening and dropped off two threaded mounts. They’re on the floor.
    Both are designed for supporting a large TV or plasma set up to 150 lbs. There’s a small adjustment so you can vary the angle. All you need to do is thread in a 1 3/4" pipe and the lamps attach to that.

  • So what was the final word on what was going to happen? I was going to follow up with Luc this weekend as he’s holding another two lamps for us but if indeed the proposal isn’t going to work I can follow up that they’re a little larger than expected and we don’t actually need anymore.
    That being said he’s got another 20 lamps he has to deal with over the next year so if anyone wants to follow up with him I can help you in that department.

  • Thank you for the offer but we cannot use them at the space.

  • @kile said:

    I am, in general, even more anti-human-feces-and-crack-pipes-outside-around-the-building.

    I wish the forum would let me upvote this understated gem a hundred times. If anyone ever introduces me to someone who is not AHFAXPOATB I plan to ask that person to leave and never come back. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

  • I’ll be around later this afternoon to collect them.

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