where to put Donations thread

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    We need a thread where people can post pics or somesuch of donations they would like to give us. So we don’t end up with unusable items and so members can see what is up for grabs to do that project they are waiting on parts for.
    So is that its own category or a thread somewhere or _______ ?

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    I apparently have a router table I don’t use…

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    Forum thread stickied at the top with someone assigned as a “moderator” to sort through everything and document into something until we setup the RFID system and can use that??

  • Garage cleanup is underway at my place, and I’ve got the following bits to offer to the space, if any shop coordinators are interested in any of these for their area, please let me know:

    Two shelves, nice 3/4 ply, 12" wide, 6’4" long
    Two shelves, nice 3/4 ply, 12" wide, 8’ long

    15 shelf brackets, 12"x14"
    2 shelf brackets, 12"x9"0_1495750887380_IMG_5621.JPG

    4 Seat swivels, 6.75", Lee Valley link: http://www.leevalley.com/en/hardware/page.aspx?p=40585&cat=3,44013

    1 Netduino… www.netduino.com I’ve no idea what version, etc.,

  • The netduino looks interesting.

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