Circuit Board Etching

  • If you want to etch some copper… I have Copper Chloride in a solution of HCl… It is much, much less messy than Ferric Chloride (which was the standard when I was in high school) and is cheaper and more environmentally responsible (with Ferric Chloride, you need to dispose of “spent” etchant which is toxic and corrosive… With CuCl, you just need to add oxygen and it’ll re-activate. Stir it until it turns green again, or add a splash of peroxide, and it is good to go again.)

  • Maybe in time we can do a Circuit Board Etching 101?

  • Sure… Use the drawbot and a sharpie to mark the board up, then just use an eyedropper to run etchant across the needed areas of the board. Dead easy. :)

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