Woodshop Orientations

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    Hello Everybody,

    First a huge thanks to @Vaughn for lighting fires under bums, Timo and @kile for getting the woodshop a kickstart, and putting so much time in there. It’s looking great!

    For really the first time the woodshop is fully functional and useable, and I have time to spend. I’ll be doing woodshop orientations frequently over the next few weeks. I’ve seen a need for us all to get on the same page, have some protocols in there as far as waste management, project storage, cleaning and maintenance, and what tools are there and where they should go.

    I’m not sure the best way to do these orientations, so these first few will be me fumbling through with your help to find the best way to get this done.

    The goal is to give anybody, including a non-woodworker, the bare bones to be able to come in and use the shop safely and effectively. However, I’m not sure this can be done in a 1 hour orientation. I’m leaning towards breaking the full-meal-deal up into a few shorter courses, but we’ll feel that out starting tonight.

    Topics Covered:

    • General Safety, in depth safety for the major tools.
    • Waste and project Management, Workflow
    • Tools and capabilities of the shop
    • Moving Forward, Further resources and ways to get involved

    I have three booked in this week, one this evening at 5pm, just before maker mondays, one at 5pm wednesday for Hack Night, and one after the HCOS class is through this thursday starting at 2:30pm.

    I look forward to getting things flowing up there and doing some good work together!

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    When is the next orientation? Also is there a hands on part of the orientation where we can learn how to use certain machines safely and use some of the bigger scraps in the process?

  • I’d be interested in signing up for a general orientation, as long as it’s non-woodworker friendly (I have never used that part of the space before)

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    Thanks folks,

    I did two last week and all I got was crickets, which is fine. I have a short list of people interested now, so I’ll put the call out soon. Keep in mind that eventually we will be requiring courses like this in order to run some of the tooling in the shop as we get ourselves organized. So jump in early…

    Potentially Friday, almost certainly this weekend. What sorts of times or days are best for you two @derpko @HeatherRose ?

    And yes, there will be hands on. We will go over the main tools, the tablesaw, the mitresaw, with a chance to run some wood through, and an overview of the shopsmith.

    I’ll keep you posted, at mentions on this thread.

  • The weekend is good for me, i finish work at 5:00 so am free in the evenings.

  • @Bradley-Maker I’m interested too, and should be able to match Heather’s schedule.

  • I’m shop capable with most tools, but haven’t used a shopsmith. I’m back in country on the 16th, and available for an orientation, plus @Bradley-Maker I’m available if you ever need a hand with shop stuff.

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