Broken or missing tools in the Woodshop, Planer

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    I came in to use the thickness planer last week, for a non-urgent personal project thankfully.

    The belt is missing. Completely gone. It is not in the shop as far as I can tell.

    I can see only two reasons why this would be. First, perhaps somebody has the same planer at home and needed a belt. If that’s the case, FU, that’s inconsiderate and disrespectful. The other possibility is that somebody managed to wreck that belt, and then either threw it out, or hid it to get rid of the evidence.

    If anybody knows where that belt is, whether it is in tact or not, please let me know where I can find it. Having even a broken belt will make it much easier to get the right replacement. And also, if you have any info about why that belt is missing and what happened to cause it to disappear, get in touch.

    Please. Please. PLEASE!
    If you see a damaged tool, notify the shop Coordinator.
    If you damage a tool, notify the shop coordinator.
    Let’s make that a rule.

    Damaged tools are a serious issue. We have a middle school shop class coming through once a week for the next 6. We have insight services bringing children through twice a week, 4D school and Skeechtetsn coming through with children regularly. It is a giant pain in the ass to have a class all set ready to teach, and then find that the tools you needed are not in working order. It is also a safety issue, as a damaged tool may still seem to work to a lay person, but actually be very unsafe.

    And honestly, tools break. It happens. It’s part of work, part of running a shop. I’m an advocate for not babying tools, putting them through their paces. If they break easily, they were never meant for the job they were made to do.

    So please. I hate to sound like I’m talking to children, but…you aren’t in trouble because a tool broke while you were using it. Report these things!

    My number is on the wall all over the space. I’ll take a call from the space for any reason at any time.

    No Excuses.

  • Best recollection, that is a 12" Delta 22-540? Planer… If so part number for the belt is 22-546 … seems quite common for several similar sized planers. Multi-ribbed fibre reinforced belt though. I was hoping it would be a common v-belt so I’d have an excuse to dig up one of the ones I’ve already got.

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    @pierre Yes! You are the man.

    Thanks for doing that. It sounds like you have all of the model info correct.

    Do you know where is the best place to get one of those in town? Or is it an order it in deal? I have to go to KMS today anyways, I was going to check up there, but I feel like that’s a long shot.

    Thanks again.

  • I don’t know if anyone local will have them… Looks like they are worth about 20 bucks online.