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    Last year we informally started to assign Lead Hands or Coordinators for each space in the building. This year the board has formalized a committee structure, and the Building Committee has moved to solidify these roles.

    Here is a list of those individuals:
    (For some of you I don’t know forum handles, so if everybody could help me out by tagging those left untagged)

    Woodshop: Myself, Bradley
    Metalshop (formerly fabshop): @pierre
    Hack Room: @MIPS
    Electronics Room: @Ron_Ron
    Design Lab: @Vaughn
    Craftorium: @megan-fenkhuber
    Lounge/kitchen: @Chainmaildave
    Pottery Studio: @amanda_e , Cheetie, @Janet (right handle?)
    Kitchen/mudroom: Ashley (handle?)
    Classroom: @kile

    The intention is not to pile a bunch of work onto these folks. The overall goal is to create a network of communication and workflow (ala Heinlein’s ‘The Moon is a harsh Mistress’ for you scifi nerds) to make the operation more efficient and effective.

    I will be coming up with SOP’s and job descriptions around this over the next few weeks, whether an overall role description or perhaps individual ones for each space should we find it necessary. I’d love your input.

    Here is the basic expectation of those filling these roles, I have talked to many of you about this, some not. If you are NOT willing to fill this role, speak now.

    • The buck stops at you. Please allow for the kind of open debate and do-ocracy that got us where we are today, but ultimately, you have the final say on what comes in your space, where it goes, how users of the space should behave, who cleans it, etc.
    • Be a point of contact for members that have questions or concern about the space under your stewardship. The Building Committee chair (Myself, Bradley Maker) will be your fallback.
    • Liason with the Building Committee. Bring questions, concerns, requests to the committee, and in turn receive the resources you need to allow your space to function effectively.

    That list will likely grow and become more formalized and fleshed out over the next few weeks, hopefully with your input. When they are ready, I’ll be giving you each a role description and whatever SOP’s are ratified for your space.

    In the near term, over the next month, I’d like to get a bunch of feedback from you all. I expect this to be a lot of back and forth in the near term to collect data such as the dimensions and square footage of your space, the tools and fixtures in your space, signage needs in your space, infrastructure needs, etc. The goal is not to create work for you! The goal is to help make the spaces in the building operate more efficiently, which will take a little outlay at the outset.

    So please, feedback if you have any…

    • If you want out of this role, now is the time to let me know.
    • What shall you be called? A coordinator? Lead hand? Steward? I’m on the fence, but I find names to be important so let’s choose wisely.

    I’ll be posting some forms and documents to this thread soon to make it super simple for you to get data to me.


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    One more thing…

    Can you all forward me your contact info, all the ways you can and are willing to be contacted, as well as which is your preference. Please and thank you.

    You can either PM me on the forum, or email me at

    Thanks again.

  • Bradley, yes, right handle! Contact info Most likely to notice a text, however, 7782204882.

  • Design Lab

    Makerspace Design Lab Coordinator:

    Vaughn Warren

    @Vaughn - kamloops makerspace Forum handle
    facebook: vaughnwarrenartist

    Vaughn Warren
    1201 Stn. Main
    Kamloops BC
    V2C 6H3

    Makerspace Board Member - Chair 2017

    Crossing Bridges Artist Facilitator: Kamloops Arts Council, Rachel Casponi, Coordinator
    ArtStarts Artists in Schools Instructor and Community Arts Facilitator
    City of Kamloops mural arts consultant and facilitator

    Chair (1999 - 2000) Kamloops Arts Council
    Vice Chair (1998-2000) Graffitti Task Force (Urban Art Engagement coordinator)
    Designer: City of Kamloops logo
    Designer, lead build-out coordinator and installer: Kamloops Children’s Museum (2009)
    Exhibition Designer / Preparator: Kamloops Art Gallery, 2003-2008
    Lead Planning, Install and Onsite Liaison, Venice, Italy 2005 Venice beinnale, KAG, Belkin and National Gallery, Canada 2005
    Recipient 2016 Mayor’s Award for the Arts (Design) with @Amanda Eccleston, Master Ceramicist, Clay Space Coordinator

    See Vaughn’s work here:

    Or here:

    Contact Vaughn anytime for assistance ramping into the Kamloops Makerspace.

  • Classroom

    Classroom Coordinator:

    Kile McKenna

    Non-urgent contact: Forum PM @kile or
    Urgent contact: text or call 250 320 2467

  • Design Lab

    @kile lets dial you into the discussion about the Classroom reno, the Social Planning Grant requirements related to it, and the opportunity to do the Classroom AND the Kiln Room in the same window. We need to avoid middle May for reno’s, because of Kathleen Raven workshop and 100th Hack.

    Thank you.