Makerspace Work Surface and Shelving Materials

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    This post is deleted!

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  • @Torren They are 48 x 96. The box on my trailer fits them exactly.

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    All sheets have found their homes - @Chainmaildave yours are upstairs with the 14 Space sheets and my 3.
    Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

  • As the resident wood-ignorant guy here, do we want to use a particular blade or techniques to avoid chipping the phenolic face when cutting this stuff?

    I’m assuming zero-clearance insert, some sort of fine-tooth but stiff blade… Maybe score the cut line before cutting? Face up or down?

    @Bradley-Maker or @Timo would probably have the answers here. Maybe @n0pe will know.

    Chances are I’m going to mount it with aluminum trim anyway, so it’ll hide my butchery.

    Canadian Tire carries several sizes of 1/8 aluminum C-channel to fit different sizes of plywood sheet. With a little smear of silicone you usually get a pretty good seal, and if you mitre the ends, it looks pretty nice.

  • I didn’t think of that, but I will find out what we use in the saw shack for this product and let you guys know.

  • Maybe I’m being stupid paranoid, but I’ve messed up melamine-faced sheets before, and this stuff is too nice to ruin.

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    @Roland, good reference, thanks for posting.

    @pierre, this stuff will actually be harder to screw up than the cheap sheets of birch with the veneer that wants to chip and de-lam when you so much as look at it. It is really well built, and the veneer is super hard, both of which lend themselves to a good cut. A good idea, which would help all around, would be to get a nice 100 tooth blade on the saw. That and follow Rolands tips above.

  • Hi all,

    We’ve changed gears and won’t be using our 7 sheets of formply for the project we had planned… rather than use it for other “meh, whatever, this scrap’ll do” projects at home, I thought I’d offer it to the members and/or the space before I spin up the saw.

    I’ve paid $60 each sheet. Keeping in mind that my wife is a paramedic and knows MANY untraceable ways to collect on my life insurance, I’ll propose the following prices:

    $60 for 1 sheet for onesie-twosie
    $50 per sheet if you take all 7

    I can bring the sheets to the space, or you can swing by my place in Aberdeen to pick them up. If you take all 7 we can chat about delivery, but you have to help me load and unload…

    @Vaughn, @kile and others, if you think the space could use these, send me a DM and let’s chat price and payment options.

    I’ll give the folks who run the space a couple of days to claim dibs, say until midnight Jan 2, otherwise I’ll go first-come first-served in replies to this thread (so feel free to speak up now)

    I’m in and out of town from Jan 9 until the end of the month, so we’d need to arrange pickup/delivery by the 9th, or after the 27th.


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    @Torren, interesting proposal!

    I’ll keep an eye on this thread to see how much interest there is, and try to do a bit of an assessment the next time I’m at the space. I’m thinking that we probably could put the material to use, but I’d like to talk with the directors about the specifics for priorities and budget.

    Thanks for posting

  • If the space does not want them, I can find $350 to buy them, but would prefer to wait until after the 27th to pick up. I’ll even donate two of 'em back to the space so I don’t have to feel bad every time I hammer something on that beautiful table top in the metal room. It looks pretty, but it makes me sad to scuff it up, like buying a new brand 4x4…

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    @Torren yes, the space could use a few for work surfaces and cabinets coming up! Subject to approval by others, I’d say we could use two added to the makerspace stack by the woodshop door.

    In conjunction with @pierre’s comment, that ought to take care of it.

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