Custom Eurogame with 3D tiles

  • I like strategy board games - especially eurogames. A few years back I had an idea for one and made it using cardboard and spare parts from other games.

    Last year I spent about 6 months on a job where I mostly just sat in a truck and waited. I took the opportunity to make a 3D version of the game. Here are the tiles I made on sketchup.
    Master Drawing.jpg

    You can check out the rest of the process here on imgur.

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    I checked out the 3d parts you made … very impressive.

    My kids and I used to play Carcasonne quite a bit and this Christmas we got Settlers of Catan as a family gift. I am sad to say it has yet to be played …

  • @Chris This game actually has some similarities with Carcasonne. Those are both great games. Between the two though I would say settlers is my favorite.

  • Very cool, but ya gotta paint at least one set 😁

    Did you buy the silicone epoxy locally? What did you pour into the moulds to make the final part? I’ve always wanted to give this a try but I don’t know exactly what I might want to mood? Cool process though.


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    Yeah Carcasonne! I personally find it way better than Catan. Although I have only really played it a couple of times, whereas Catan I have played a lot.

    I love these kinds of games, they are much like my childhood favs like Simcity, serfs and Civ, but hands on which is great, especially for kids. I spent a lot of time roleplaying with friends while I was younger, and we made a lot of pretty epic games from scratch, but not much ever made it into much more than board game physicality.

    kudos! Bring it to a hack night for a rip?

    And…I’d love to pick your brain about silicone casting and molds, as I’d like to make myself a custom made stamp instead of business cards. Looking online I couldn’t really find any “custom” stamps that appealed. I toyed with jumping into it, but didn’t really feel I had the knowledge, let alone the time.

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    PS: Are you from Kamloops? Do you know the crew at All-Aboard games? You’d find some enthusiastic folks to help you test it I’m sure.

  • @Bradley-Maker I’d love to bring it by. I’m always looking for new vict- players to try it. Actually I’ve brought it by All aboard a couple times.

    I cast Hydrocal White. It’s strong, cheap and easy to work with.

    @Bishop I’d really like to paint a set. They’re begging for it. Don’t know when I’ll get the time though.

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    Bring a set to hack night and we can all work on it? My arts skills are incredibly lame, but I can put base and top coats on! Lol

    Learning and working on learning more!


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    I agree with @hdsheena , bring it to a hack night if your able, and it would be a great place to find victi…players.

    I grew up big into roleplaying (rifts, palladium mostly), and many of my friends (a couple of them still dabble) were big time into warhammer (I never had the funds, and when I did, couldn’t justify the expense), and are excellent painters. I’m not much for painting, but I really like hanging about while people work on them, and admire the finished product.

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