Will anyone be there on Sunday April 9th?

  • Hi, all. I attended one of Amanda’s workshops on March 28th, and I just need to stop by to pick up my clay and my bowl to take them home. I’ll be able to do this on Sunday - will anyone be there? I don’t want anyone to have to come in just on my account - if that is the case, I will make other arrangements. However, if someone will be there anyway and I can come by and pick up my items, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    @JillyKaren, there will likely be someone around in the afternoon. The best way to confirm if the space is currently open is by going to the home page of the forum here, and looking up by the Membership Signup and New Topic buttons. There is a space indicator there that will tell you if the space is currently open.

    I will probably be there Sunday afternoon, I can try and remember to post here when I get in. Failing that though, you can always check the indicator.

  • @kile Thank you very much for the reply and the additional info!

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    Ill be here in the morning, if that helps…

  • Thanks everyone, for letting me in so I could pick up my things!

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