Prusa I3 MK2

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    @tinfoilnight…oh, wait…

    @Grant-Fraser : Thank you for your work on the Social Planning Grant to produce the funds to purchase the printer, your work as Makerspace Treasurer and I do believe BUILDING this new 3D printer solo!? Watching it work so smooooth tonight churning out a deadly frog thing was the end of a 5 month road to obtain that gack; or the beginning of another one.

    When the 3D printers went down months ago, I decided to not host another Mighty Makers 6 week workshop in the winter, because 3D printing is the core of digital fabrication excitement now and not having the dependable capability in-house shy’d me away from piling more onto the Space.

    But, as is always best, @arasbm and you and I and @derpko focused on the solution: how to not only replace the capability, but UPGRADE it. work our strengths and lead from the front, instead of getting mired in inconsequential bullshit.

    I cant even believe the new Prusa i3 Mk2 it is Makerspace orange and black - the Gods are with us!


  • @toxuin and @MIPS made one of the eee machines into a print server for the Prusa. It automatically boots to being an Octoprint machine. It also has slic3r installed so that you can connect a monitor and keyboard to make design changes while standing next to the printer if you like. We should document the print server next and a do a quick 101 on the Prusa.

  • Special thanks to @Chainmail for financing this project until we can get the money from the City of Kamloops Social Planning Grant. Without his help we would not have been able to do much besides stare at an empty shelf. Thanks also to the crew that made the empty shelf a reality.

  • So excited to learn how to use the 3D printer. Been reading up on how to take an .slt file and run it through slic3r to produce Gcode. Just don’t know what settings to use. Nozzle size, firmware, temps etc. Anyone interested in doing a tutorial sometime soon?

  • @InsightJeremy Oops, stl file…

  • There should be a setting in slic3r for the Prusa. By selecting your printer you will load that printers defaults.

  • @Grant-Fraser Thanks, will give it a shot.

  • Octoprint won’t load. It says: unable to detect the URI-scheme of “”

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    On the attached computer, open browser, go to (from any other machine supporting bojnour it’s http://octo-prusa.local/ or – for non-bonjour – whatever IP Pierre set for that computer)
    Usually right after it complains about that – it opens a browser with Octoprint anyways. I’ll fix it on Wednesday so it doesn’t complain.

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    @Beth did you see this?

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    Adhesion Issue Fixes:

    1. Is the extruder nozzle making good contact with the bed?, you can check this by sliding a piece of A4 under making it grab ever so slightly by adjusting the bed and its settings (Maybe redundant with the MK2’s auto leveling feature’s).

    2. Make sure bed is covered in hair spray (Personally haven’t used hairspray yet with my printer, I just use painters tape to hold down my prints and it works amazingly)

    3. If you are using tape make sure you have no large gaps, cuts, bulges or other imperfections.

    4. Determine what temperatures to use for the bed and Extrusion Nozzle.
      (I personally use 190°C For the Nozzle and 60,65,70°C for the heated bed For PLA)

    I might be able to come in tomorrow and fiddle with the Slic3r and other settings to make things work a little better :)

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    Hi and thank you @Chainmaildave and @ColeVanD. And Luke who said he’d also have a look while he was there. We tried 65° bed temperature just before we left but no joy. We also tried the hairspray . . . It may have made a difference but not enough.
    And I accidentally damaged the SD card slot on the attached computer. (I pulled the card directly out without pushing it first to release the lock.) I left a note on the computer. I will bring in a USB-SD card reader . . . Is the slot possible to repair?

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    @Beth Highly recommend blue Painters tape instead of hairspray, hairspray isn’t course enough to work really well unless you have a glass surface. Will be coming tomorrow with painters tape and my printer.

    Looking not like not alot of people use tape with the Prussia I3

  • The Prusa already has kapton tape pre-installed. It’s the best there is. Painter’s tape won’t be an improvement.

    The unit shipped with a water soluble glue stick. I found this to be worse as the glue acted like a lubricant.

    I’ve used the hair spray. Results are hit and miss. Clean and not dusty is a good starting point.

    The default bed temperature is 55 for PLA. I’ve noticed slic3r defaults to 60. Maybe turn the heat down rather than up. Make sure the shroud is in place. That seemed to help when the room was cold.

    On the SD card is a program called V2 calibration. You can run that and use live adjust to make sure you get 50% squish on the extruded plastic. We just did that two days ago but you can do it again.

    We really need to put the printer on a cart with a shroud. I think that will take a lot of the variables out.

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    @Grant-Fraser I meant Kapton tape on the hot bed. Kapton tape is slippery while the painters tape is very grippy when mealted plastic comes into contact.

    May I also add that all PLA & ABS Differ from brands In use tempatures and even print to print. So while my settings might work great yours may work differently, I brought about 5 Meters home to do tests with my A8 and find the appropriate temps for printing.

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    This filament that is currently on the 3D printer is really slippery and doesn’t like to adhere to surfaces easily, Finding the right temps might be in everyone’s best interest.

    Update +1

    Temps I am using at the moment is 15mm/s on bottom layer 210°C Extruder - 50°C Bed Failed and cracked half way thru, suspect hot end was too hot and bed was too cold.

    New Temps 60 Bed 200 Extruder 15mm/s first layer

    That roll of filament may be bunk its coming out pretty sloppy ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (It May be my printer)

    Nothing wrong belts weren’t tightened, I think the only problem with the Prussia i3 MK2 is the build surface. Maybe apply some Blue Painters tape or white painters tape then spray with hair spray (Don’t forget to recalibrate). I’m running my bed at 60°C hotend at 190°C and everything is working dandy. :)

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    Looks like its my turn to report a mess up - I put the printer on to print a gear last night (like I have been doing for about 20 prints and it worked perfectly) and it totally messed up the print and got PLA on the head of the printer!

    Super sorry this happened - what has to happen to clean the print head?

    Then printer was working fine with the white PLA on Sunday morning - were the settings changed after that? Noone has been able to print on it since Sunday afternoon, it looks like.

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    @Vaughn We can just heat up the printer and wipe off the nozzle if none of the gunk had burned on.

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    Cheak the extruders gear for pulling filament, It may have some PLA on it.

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