Sphere Research's "Annual Free Stuff Day" is Saturday the 15th!

  • Sphere Research is a relatively small electronic component and test equipment reseller/calibrator based out of West Bank. This Saturday is their annual free stuff day.
    Basically what it boils down to is Walter drags his older inventory and piles of old test equipment that is either unsellable or unserviceable out onto his front lawn and you can drag it away for free or a fraction of what his usual prices are.
    Oscilloscopes? Frequency Generators? AM modulation output analyzers? Nixie tubes? No problem!
    All that and more will be on the porch this Saturday from 9AM to 4PM. Early birds WILL get the worms. BRING YOUR OWN BOXES

    Sphere is located at 3394 Sunnyside Rd. West Kelowna, BC, V1Z 2V4

    For more information on this once-a-year event check out the page on Sphere’s website:

  • We got some cool things last year from there.

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