Members Meeting - Sunday April 23rd, 6-8PM

  • Director

    Draft agenda to come.

  • Design Lab

    Sorry but I’m swamped with work - can’t make this one!

  • Do we have another date for a members meeting? I’m hoping to level up to keyholder, and it sounds like this is a members meeting item.,

  • Design Lab

    That’s good news @Torren! I was away at work for the last Members Meeting date, but I imagine another will be scheduled for two weeks from Sunday.

  • Member

    i am also wanting to level up to keyholder.

  • Design Lab

    Ive messaged @Krankin and @torren to suggest they Key up until the next Members meeting occurs and we do the formalities. Everyone is so busy - I dont want to see good members like Torren and Krankin waiting unnecessarily to get their Key.

    Any Members with reservations about this, which is a stop-gap measure to address the situation, please message me.

    Thank you.

  • Design Lab

    I furnished @Torren with a Key tonight - welcome to Makerspace Keyhood, Torren, and thank you for your Membership.

    @kile, our worthy Secretary, suggests Key applications can be handled through the Forum, pursuant to our Bylaws. We really need quality key members and if making the process easier for solid prospects leads to that, Im down.

    I encourage all Members to consider the status of their membership and Dues - we need good Key Holders and to up the core Key base. $100 a month is an expense alright - but properly wielded, a Makerspace key easily pays for itself.

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