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    I see Farmers market starts this weekend are we setting up a table?
    @megan-fenkhuber @Vaughn

  • Should probably see if @arasbm is interested too. I know he has other stuff now, but you never know…

  • Looks like it is $30 for a daily table on a Saturday, or $240 to get a seasonal… So, the break even is 8 events. I think there are 29 Saturdays from April 22nd to October 28th, 2017. How many people are interested in splitting a table this year, and do we think we’ll go more than once a month?

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    @pierre @Vaughn @Chainmaildave

    I know i will want to do 1 or 2 or maybe more through the season tobwrangle up interest in my surf/paddleboards and whatever else i conjure up.

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    @DCHydro I’d be interested in trying to sell a few things

  • @pierre thanks for dialing me in here, but if I do go to farmers market this year, I would have to get a table to sell my own farm products. We can not sell both farm produce and makerspace stuff on the same booth. If we both go on the same weekend, I could ask market manager to put our booths next to eachother, they were open to that last year.

    One thing the farmers market board were emphasizing a lot, was that items that we sell at the makerspace booth should be made by makerspace members and at makerspace. However, if there are things there just for show and not for sale, they seemed ok with it. It is a great way to get you product introduced if you targeting local market.

    Another important thing is that if you commit to the table you need to be there early morning and set up before the market starts and be there untl market ends. Market manager and other vendors really don’t appreciate when people set up late, or leave early.

    It was a lot of fun hanging out with @Chainmaildave @pierre ashley and @megan-fenkhuber at the market last year. Hope you guys can do it again this year.

  • @arasbm said:

    I would have to get a table to sell my own farm products.

    So you are at a point where you have products to sell? I’d take a dozen farm eggs next time you are in town with more than you will eat. What else do you have available? Maybe some tasty lamb-burger? Did Anastasia ever get her goats?

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    Ive got way too much on my plate right now - Ill drop in and cheer the table on if I can!

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