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  • Help. I’m having trouble using some of the tools in Illustrator and Inkscape, and it’s driving me crazy. Is someone going to be around Makerspace today that could help draft up a simple bracket to cut in the laser cutter?

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    Hi Roland,
    I can help you - how is your afternoon tomorrow around 3pm?
    Send me an AI file of what you have to and Ill have a look.
    before hand, if you can.

  • @Vaughn I work Sun/Mon days & Tues/Wed nights, so either Tues am, or Thurs eve or later. I’ll try and send you a file when I get a chance. Although I’ve youtubed how to use the scissor tool, I still can’t figure it out.

  • @Vaughn I’ve sent the file.

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    @Roland I tried to import it and its ‘corrupted’ - resend as EPS for PC?

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