Im interested in a "Froggy Mill" CNC 3020 instruction class.

  • please and thanks!

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  • I used to run these workshops. If there is enough interest, I could schedule something for two to three weeks from now.

    If anyone else wants to help me run this workshop please let me know. It would be great to get more people using the froggy mill.

    In the past the workshop focused on doing simple 2.5D carving based on a vector image. The best free tool I have found for that is easel.

    More recently there has been a few cool 3D CAM applications made available for onshape which I would really like to try on the froggy mill. If this works out successfully, we could also add that to the CNC 101. Check out this video to see what I mean:

  • I would like to know how to run this machine also,

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    I would be for a workshop

  • I as well. I work shift work, so my availability is spotty. Me -> :(

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    Im in, too. Thanks, @arasbm. Maybe @robert might attend, too - he knows a lot about Froggy as he donated it.

  • Sounds good. I have two projects I’m going to do soon on the MIll, one of which would make a good demo. I love the idea of working with 3D Cam, but need someone smarter than me to look at it first.

    I brought some new bits to the space a couple of days ago - some round end bits, some more engraving bits and a set of flat bottom sized bits. As I see it, the important thing is to really focus on what a CNC mill does that a laser cutter can’t do well, which is 3D and working with harder and thicker materials.

    Let me know what the plan is and I’ll be there.

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    Sign me up

  • Since I can’t use the Laser Cutter, I’ve got an .AI file ready to mill some cd’s. Apparently, old information is toxic to the human brain.

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  • Any confirmation on a workshop?

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  • @CGBG I have not had a chance to setup a workshop. But if you bring it to hack night tonight, I will be there by 7pm and will help you cut /engrave your CDs.

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