Tech Community meet and greet

  • At iTel offices on Mission Flats.

    Friday May 5 2017 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM PDT

    There will be free food. Alcohol costs money though. I think Red Beard is supplying it.

    @Torren you might want to show. Maybe some of the Scorpion people or Tusk Automation folks might be interested. Or anyone who is shopping around for nerd-jobs in town and wants to have their potential employer recognize them socially…

    I suspect @amanda and @Kimberely will be there… Maybe @lincolns too.

  • Linux

    Hi @pierre ,

    Is this a meet and greet or is there some sort of presentation or speakers as well?

    Thanks for posting this.

  • Hey everyone!

    To answer some questions, it’s a social for everyone and anyone. There will be a taco bar, beverages from Red Beard (cash & credit will be taken), live music, and more.

    There will be a short talk/presentation around 6pm with an update on the changes and developments on the North Shore and more initiatives to grow the tech sector.

    Other than that, come hang out! Free to attend, just rsvp here on this thread or on the picatic:

    Any questions just let us know :) Hope to see you all there.

  • Apparently there is also a contest…


    The contest includes:
    $10,000 startup cash
    and 6 months of:
    Venture Acceleration Program coaching and mentoring
    Office space at Kamloops Innovation
    2-bedroom executive suite rental downtown
    Food, beverage, restaurant, activity vouchers, etc - a full Kamloops experience!
    Applications are being accepted until May 26, 2016. More info and to apply:

    If anyone here is planning on doing a startup soon, they might as well get in on the contest.

  • And a new slack team has just been created, called Built in Kamloops. A community wide slack group for everyone, whether you’re interested in tech, startups, or just cool stuff happening in Kamloops. Feel free to join in:

  • Tonight at 5! Kicks off with taco bar and red beard beverages. There will be some quick announcements around 6pm, other than that - come hang out!

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