Heats on, windows open

  • We just paid $1400 for gas for March and April. I keep finding windows propped open. Usually the 3rd floor bathroom. but sometimes others. We need to move the thermostat to a more reasonable location and we need to not leave windows open.

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    Holy crap i thought mine was high

  • @DCHydro said:

    Holy crap i thought mine was high

    You likely don’t live in a giant, 100-year old building with enormous boilers and sawdust insulated walls. Also, you probably don’t try to heat the whole town by leaving your windows open.

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    It is May. At home I have had the heat off for two months. Just sayin…

  • I can beat that. I only had to turn on my heat one time during winter. lolz

  • IF the weather of the next week is to improve as it was intended to this week (you suck, Radio NL) then we should be shutting the system off completely this weekend. Now might also be a good time to perform any maintenance. I seem to recall we have a bad regulator in the basement and a number of bad bleeder valves.
    If someone wants the thermostat relocated I can at the least supply a lockable thermostat housing.

  • @MIPS I don’t see much need to lock the thermostat… Pretty sure we can act like responsible adults about it, and if not, there is no housing we can’t bypass.


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    @pierre, I disagree entirely. There should be a set program that runs the heat. People expect that the radiator system will have a similar response time to their house, so they turn it up and don’t see an instant impact, so they turn it up again. Then they leave and four hours later the building is a sauna, and someone else comes along and starts opening up windows.

    The system should definitely be locked. I know the lock boxes are not hard to get around, but if you have to bypass a lock, it should be a signal to you that someone doesn’t want you fiddling around with it. Which we do not want.

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    Then why bother moving it?

  • The thermostat is in an awful place directly above the servers (this reminds me of a story where a company had their servers constantly overheating because nobody noticed the thermostat was below the outlet for the air conditioner) and it’s a pain to reach unless you drag the ladder out.
    In the meantime FYI I have turned the heater off at the thermostat and switched the red circulation pump off at the switch below relay C in the boiler room.

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