Spring Madness!

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    Its that time of year - everyone is going cray cray with work, gardens, kids, projects and life in general. Personally, I have had to turn my attention to my own work and am just doing Makerspace volunteering as time allows - after months of work in the Space, I feel a bit disconnected now as I focus on my own work!

    THANK YOU to all the excellent members who have really worked hard in the last months to move the Makerspace forward in terms of cleanliness, organization and safety - SO MUCH has been done. Having seen it close-up, I forget how much we’ve done until a person who hasn’t been here for a year comes in and is just blown away by the improvements and upgrades.

    The Mudroom redo, the woodshop upgrades, the Clay Space development, the new 3D printer, the Scorpion Mill, the events we’ve attended, the schools we are hosting, the list goes on - it’s working and there is no limit to what can be done here with hard work, creativity, brains and a few bucks.

    We always need volunteers and new members! If you are wondering how you can participate in a way and at a time that suits you, please see myself or another Keyholder for ideas on that. As a member-driven collective, the Space really is what we each make it.

    If you have fallen behind on your membership dues, don’t worry about it but row towards catching up or submitting what you can? Every bit helps, and we rely on dues to stay open. Use the Space MORE and develop your ideas, products, gifts and skills to make the Makerspace benefit you even more. That is the point: YOUR OWN development and growth as a Maker. The more you put in, the more you will get out of it.

    If you have ideas or questions or concerns, please contact myself or another Keyholder.

    THANK YOU, to the people who got this off the ground, the people who have made it work, the people who have given so much to the Space in terms of time and money and the people and organizations that ARE the Makerspace.

    We are in uncharted territory and are breaking promising new ground in Kamloops!



  • @Vaughn that is a damn nice picture. I love the way the fire escape shadows fall.

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    @pierre I photoshopped that on there…

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