What is the next thing we should do with the Prusa money?

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  • Design Lab

    Hold onto it - we need to properly install the machine in the classroom.

  • Could a portion be held for replacing the cardboard shelter around it with a single piece of curved (U-shaped) plexiglass?

  • There is thin (like 2mm) clear acrylic on sale cheap in the basement at herbies right now. I had meant to post about it when I spotted it.

  • Just to throw my 2 cents in… There’s some great enclosure hinges/shelf designs (like the Lack Stack I use for my printers) on Thingiverse that incorporate acrylic sheets for an enclosure. I bet those 2mm ones from Herbies would work well, I might even take a look myself. With that in mind I’ll have to come by at some point to get a hand cutting the acrylic sheets I already have for my own enclosure.

  • @kylejdyck
    Do you have pics or links?

  • Design Lab

    What else is needed in terms of installing the machine in a professional way? Right now it looks super slap-dash.

  • @Ron_Ron http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1843235
    This actually looks pretty good. If I hadn’t already started mine I’d probably use this one myself. The Ikea Lack tables are super cheap, like I’m talking $14.99 each and they fit the Prusa style printers really well if you put the filament roll on top.

  • Those LACK tables get used in some pretty interesting furniture hacks. I think they’re just torsion boxes made from cardboard and door-skins.

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