Non Reporting of damaged equipment = hard fail

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    I discovered tonight that the blade has been snapped off on the vinyl cutter in the Design Lab recently. It was frustrating, a) because I just bought a new blade recently, b ) because I wanted to do a job for an open house visitor and couldn’t and c) because it hadn’t been reported to me. I could have easily ordered a new blade in time had I been informed about the mishap.

    Accidents happen and stuff gets broken, but when it isn’t reported to the Shop Coordinator, it can cause big problems for people who expect things to be working.

    I pay for the blades and premask and extra vinyl out of my pocket to keep the Makerspace vinyl cutting capability up - please let me know if something goes awry so I can deal with it.

    People: if you break it, move it, lose it, leave it, want it, need it, did it or saw it - tell the Shop Coordnator so we can all get what we need without sandbagging each other.

    Sneaking away from your mistake and leaving everyone else to deal with it (‘everyone else’ in this case being me paying for a new blade, the visitor dissapointed, the job undone and days away now from completion) is lame.

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    This has become a recurring issue. I can point to a number of times where it has come up in the woodshop. If you don’t know who to report something to, then please post on the forum about the issue.

    One recent event where this was handled properly was the sewing machine issue that recently happened (props @Lawrence, great job). As a result of reporting the issue on the forum, other members stepped up to help troubleshoot and resolve the problem in short order.

    Anything other than dealing with an issue directly is unacceptable. Stuff goes wrong, this is expected. We are not interested in assigning blame, just working to resolve the problem.

  • Much better than assigning blame… discussing an issue helps us all learn how not to fuck up in future. Any mistake we don’t learn anything from is a lost opportunity.

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    Im not into blame, either - I’m into upping a culture at makerspace that allows the place to work for everyone.

    Please inform shop/studio coordinators when something goes sideways or if you need assistance in that shop.

    Thank you

  • I feel a huge part of it is to own up to it. Blame and bickering I have no interests in. It’s more about correcting the issue and having it fixed or replaced. Having orientation/ lessons on a machine or tool. Asking questions. Respect for tools, equipment and the people that use them. The second part is to find out why it is broken or not working. It might be from a mistake or a run down machine. If it is a mistake we all can learn from it. If its a run down machine well have a closer look at it.

    I feel that communication is key here. To let people know if something is down. Leave a not out of order with the reason why and who you are.
    because it can lead to someone getting injured or a job not getting done.

  • WE should make a SOP for this if we don’t have one.

  • Would it make sense to include a 1 page poster for each shop area in the space, with relevant info about the shop? Member code of conduct needs to be highly visible within the shop, both as information for those who are unsure, and also for those who know, but need a reminder

    The signs could include machine nicknames - new members might not understand what “froggy mill”, “scorpion mill” or “Richard Gear” mean - heck, I still don’t know what Richard Gear is :) .

    What about shop coordinator pics (not forum avatar) on the sign, it might personalize things a bit more and lead people to want to contact that person about shop issues or questions.

    I think it would make sense to also include contact information for the shop coordinator. These forum are great, but someone who just experienced a tool failure might be more willing to report privately via DM or email. I would leave it up to each shop coordinator as to what contact info they want to include. Some might be okay with mobile numbers for SMS or a call 24x7, others might prefer email or forum DM.

    And how about a generic poster? "Did it break? This isn’t a china shop, you didn’t buy it. Let the shop coordinator know so we can get it fixed up. Broken tools inconvenience other members, and could cause serious injuries. Can’t reach a shop coordinator? Post in the forums or email"

  • Another thing I’d love to have by such a poster is a pad of stickers that say “This is broken, and will likely hurt you if you fire it up without fixing it.” and have a spot to add notes. Because … sometimes things break and you don’t know how to fix it, or need to order parts. A sticker or piece of tape over the on-switch would be a nice warning.

  • As part of our ISO certification we had to develop a lockout policy for each machine and post it next to that machine (mostly just “unplug the machine and don’t plug it in if it is unplugged”). This might be a good idea for the Space?


  • Unfortunately, we’ll always have a bunch of unplugged machines, because we switch things up depending on projects in progress. Maybe a ziptie through the prongs in the plug? Just something so anyone trying to use it gets a heads up before getting injured.

  • @pierre I have ordered red plastic lock out boots in the past for the mill. It might be good to get one or two in each shop. Not necessarily to lock, but like you said, maybe we just put a tye wrap through the lockout point so it’s clear and obvious it’s not fit to be plugged in.

    Here’s what it looks like:


  • 3D

    @n0pe Lockouts look like something we could 3D print (Needs editing to work with US plugs)

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