Dust extractor failed

  • I switched off the dust extractor. When I had second thoughts and switched it back on it made a sound like the motor made a half turn and stuck. It’s after midnight so I just unplugged it.

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    @Grant-Fraser, the one in the wood shop?

  • Yes

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    Well, I haven’t cleaned out or replace the filter, and it is probably a safe assumption that no one else has. (@Bradley-Maker how are the maintenance schedules coming?)

    This should be regular maintenance, and this device is not a primary dust extractor it is the secondary. Until a primary shows up this thing will be working a lot harder than it should…

  • Inspected it this evening. Found no obstructions in the blower and it rotates freely. Plugged it in and could get it to operate fine both under remote and local control. I assume the motor doesn’t like being rapidly stopped and started.
    The main dust filter however was pretty much plugged and had to be blown out but otherwise I’ll have it cycling for two hours while Dave finishes sanding a project.

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    @MIPS, thanks! We should probably be blowing out the filter every week or two, and replacing it every month or two depending on use. Getting primary dust control needs to remain a priority though…

  • I think the cardboard filter is only there to catch the larger material and the fabric baskets take care of the rest.
    If it does need to be cleaned this frequently however I think we should relocate it somewhere that does not require climbing on the router table each time.

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    Those estimates were based on a fairly heavy workload, and they may be a little overkill, but I think that the filter should probably be checked that often, and cleaned when necessary.

    The lack of primary dust collection is a major gap, and will make that unit work much harder than it should. This is really something that it is urgent for us to address from a liability, and a health and safety perspective. The fact that we have educational activities going on in this shop, and have not addressed this basic shop safety requirement is a major issue.

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