Runaway, runaway derpko

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    First day of driving is up, I accomplished over 940 km all way to medicine hat, had amazing weather except a pretty bad rainstorm all the way through Calgary.

    More to come!! Already missing all of you

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    PS I saw an elk around Banff that was debating crossing the highway, pretty big one too

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  • @derpko drive safe and keep us updated, man!

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    @derpko Pics or it didn’t happen, Lol

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    In Sault Saint Marie, got here late last night and got a really decent sleep for sleeping accross the front seats. 950km to go should be home in the evening.

    Will update with a proper story when I actually get home, as for now I will enjoy a husky truck stop breakfast one last time before I cross over to QC and the cease to exist.

  • @derpko I can’t believe you’re that far already. Get chicken strips at the gas station, they’re hard to screw up.

  • Any deep fried food is likely safe to eat because the deep fryer sterilized it

  • Any deep fried food is good food :)

  • @ColeVanD said:

    @derpko Pics or it didn’t happen, Lol

    @derpko Was it this one?

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