Building a 20' diameter geodome greenhouse

  • Re: My geodome greenhouse project
    It only took me 2 years, but I am finally tackling this project. @colin and another friend come over to give me a hand. I will post the instructions and more picture when the frame is put together. 2_1494825091677_resized002.png 1_1494825091677_resized001.png 0_1494825091675_resized000.png

  • I’m impressed with the special precision angled 6 point joints. I’ll add it to the list of things I wish I’d thought of.

  • +1 for use of all-round strapping. That stuff is super handy for redneck engineering and emergency field repairs. A cordless drill, some 2x4 scrap, a bucket of screws and a roll of that stuff is enough to secure almost anything temporarily. Use in place of duct tape when the consequence of failure is dropping something on yourself.

  • very cool, good job

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