From Calgary with Love

  • Hello,

    My name is Jim Akeson, I suspect I know a few of you. I moved to Calgary 12 years ago. I was blown away to find Protospace, the Calgary maker space. It was amazing, ever since then I have been working on assisting anyone I can in Kamloops with Maker space related projects. I have helped advise the Alberta Public Library system and Calgary Board of Education with Maker space startup projects. It has been a lot of fun. Until just recently I was one of two directors for Protospace.

    I run two projects with my wife Christine (also from Kamloops). One is Called, it started out life as a project where I donated scooters and wheel chairs to people who could not afford them and didn’t qualify for assistance, this has since changed to bring robotics and electronics to the schools and hold public workshops. We help out other maker spaces and much more. Most fun we have had was demoing our 6 robotic Arm chairs with Chris Hadfield during the Calgary Stampede.

    The maker bus is the other project. It is currently being built at Protospace. The maker bus will be coming to Kamloops this summer, decked out with 3D printer, Laser, CNC mill, Lathe, and much more. Its goal is to spread the maker movement! and bring maker spaces to Artists and more…

    The reason I am sending this is because I am STOKED to help the Kamloops Maker space. I am well connected and have access to a wide assortment of supplies. I am sending a care package to Kamloops today. It will be there this weekend. The box contains:

    -Two ruggedized linux computers
    -15 meters of LC-LC multimode fibre

    • Assorted SC multimode fibre with Cisco SFP’s
    • 10 meters of SC-SC multimode fibre
    • 30 meters of LC-LC multimode fibre
    • Assorted brass gears
    • 10 2x20 VFD displays
    • Assorted 4 pin wire
    • High resolution analog multimeter
    • Graphical VFD display
    • 15 small (very nice Swiss made) DC motors
    • DSC PC 5010 functioning alarm system with 2 keypads
    • Assorted machinist plastic
    • Assorted LED and LCD displays
    • Assortment of RFID readers
    • 24 volt electric door strike
    • Assorted different JST, power, ribbon headers
    • 6 failed (but recoverable) LOL shields
    • Assorted PCBs
    • Assorted female pin headers
    • Medium sized Beta brite scrolling LED display (with remote and manual for programming)
    • 1 laser diode-because no package for a maker space should be without at least one laser!

    The next package will focus on Roomba robots and through hole electronics and much more. I am also trying to source a Sherline CNC milling machine for your maker space. I can not wait to see what you folks have achieved. I hope this is of some use to you.

    -Jim Akeson

  • @trunner Hi Jim, welcome to Kamloops Makerspace! I am so glad that we connected.

    The maker bus will be coming to Kamloops this summer

    We should coordinate and try to organize the first Kamloops Mini Maker faire at the same time the bus will be here. That will help us reach out to even more people and would be the best time to showcase your bus. I am very excited to see it. Feel free to post updates about it here, and let us know what your plans are.

    Am sending a care package to Kamloops today. It will be there this weekend.

    Thank you or the generous donation. I can already see several items that will be very useful in our early project to help us setup the space.

  • @Chainmaildave and I went and picked up these donations yesterday. Jim did an amazing job organizing and packaging the donations. All the cables, manuals, connectors etc. are with their corresponding items. Everything is usable and in great shape!

    Here is the LED display:

    And some pictures I took when I got home:


    I am really excited to see what our members will make with all these items. Thank you again so much for this generous donation @trunner !

  • I am excited to get you a few more donations, but i will wait until the space has been procured. i also will send the datasheet for those 2x20 vfds and i have dozens more.

    glad you like it. there is a full dsc alarm system and i can walk you through programming it once your ready. also if its not installed by the time i get there i will help install the door strike.