Gas torches

  • Do we have any?
    This afternoon I had the idea of putting cold cathode tubes from an LCD TV over a propane soldering torch. As it turns out so long as you do not overheat the glass you can actually shape a prefabricated CCFL and it will still work.


    It ain’t neon, but it’s still pretty.
    I’m finding at least my torch head isn’t precise enough so I could not make it bend where I wanted, or get it in a position where I could bend uniform curves. Does the space have anything hiding around?

  • Yeah, I’ll hook you up with oxy-mapp next opportunity. You can get a needle-tight flame. Intense though. When are you around next @MIPS? I have an 8mm film rig I figured I’d pick your brain about too.

  • Every Wednesday after 5 still.
    I have a mini OxyMAP torch here (you can see some bottles in that picture) but I tent to run through the oxygen too fast to do much beyond brazing. Also propane torches seem to be second to natural gas for cost efficiency.

  • I run both oxy-propane and oxy-mapp in the little torch likely similar to the one you already have… But tend to go O/M because the oxy is the expensive part, and Mapp usually gets it done much faster. I have a beautiful jeweler’s size O/A torch (as well as regulators, cutting torch, hoses, anti-flashback kit etc…) but don’t currently have any gas cylinders for it. I’ll probably get a little R-tank or similar and mod my torches to do oxy-propane (mostly just re-drilling the jets) with a BBQ tank. Make a nice portable kit. If I get more serious at some point, I can always get a second (larger) tank to keep in the garage and only use the little tank to go looking for trouble.

    I also have a couple of tiny butane torches, a gasoline blowtorch (too much for your CCFL, but I have been known to use it with a moka pot to make coffee…) and a very old Lenk Duplex automatic blowtorch much like the one in this video:

    That one or the little butane torches are likely to be the most precise things I can offer you for glass work right now.

    @colin has my ridiculous foundry torch, but I’m pretty sure it would just turn your CCFL into a puff of smoke and a pool of glass.

  • I’ll bring in my torch tomorrow night along with some more CCFL stock.

  • I’ve bent glass tubing with an alcohol lamp when I was building a distillation rig as a child…
    The alcohol lamp was just a glass jar with a wick and a hole punched in the lid.

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