• Apparently Lo-Boy has supplied us with a pair of Roombas to hack on. That is too cool to pass up. My initial digging says that we need to pop a hole in the top cover and it’ll expose a serial port from which a microcontroller can tell it what to do and poll the sensors.

    Only one catch: The port is an 8-pin mini-DIN connector. If anyone has a couple to spare, or can hit RTS while the 100th hack is in progress, I’ll happily buy a pair of those connectors off them. @megan-fenkhuber might be interested in arduino-operated robot platforms for the robotics thing she’s doing tomorrow too.

    Here is interesting info about the Roomba Serial Command Interface.

    Here is a picture of a Scutter:


    See where I’m going with this?

    A number of modular shells that fit the Roombas would be near ideal I think. Daleks, Haunted house props, etc.

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    @pierre these would make great shells for haunted house spiders!

  • I’ve picked up a seven and an eight pin connector from RTS

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