3D printer filiment

  • I was looking for something in the office and I a roll of bright green 1.75m. There is no name on it, so I was wondering if it belongs to anyone, or would I be able to use some? Thanks in advance!

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    Might have been @arasbm ?

  • Is it glow in the dark?

  • @Ron_Ron not glow in the dark but a really vibrant green. We’ve been using it already.

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    Speaking of filament, I received my Blue ABS yesterday if anyone wants to try it out :)

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    We are down substantially on our PLA, With only a single roll of ABS.
    I have 10KG of filament coming in the mail and plan to donate one or two the MakerSpace. All I ask is that if you use the 3D printer a lot And I mean using $5+ of the filament within the past week or so, that you donate a few dollars so that the MakerSpace can continue to afford to run the 3D printer.

    each meter of the filament is about ¢10 each meter is about 33 grams

    I hope I’m not sounding like a dick.

  • @ColeVanD Sounding like a dick, and being right are not mutually exclusive.

    Consumables cost money.

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    I have a 1kg (?) role of 3mm ABS that I bought by mistake. Can the makerspace use this diameter? If so I am happy to donate it. Otherwise, does somebody want it for a small donation to the makerspace?

  • Straightened sections of 3mm work in a 3doodler pen… I think I’ve seen one around the space. Maybe @Grant-Fraser has one? Best of my recollection anyway.

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