Members Meeting, Sunday May 28th 6pm!

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    Yes, a Keyholder will have to be in the building and ‘open’ it, for a drop-in to enter with RFID. Otherwise, there is no distinction between, or incentive to become, a Keyholder.

    BUT: the issue of a Keyholder having to keep the door locked because he or she is upstairs will be eliminated, which is important. For example, I am here often upstairs and do what I can to run down and open up for peeps, but I must keep the door locked to avoid unauthorized random entry. RFID will solve that one.

    Also, the Makerspace needs to nurture and grow solid KEYHOLDERS - these are the people who are committed to the Space, do the volunteering, develop the operation and enjoy the benefits of a 24/7 well-equipped Space (which at $100/month for 70002ft of shop is, frankly, ridiculously cheap) which they manage and shape themselves.

  • What time is the meeting today?

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    @Nicholas Says 6PM hope is doesn’t start before 4PM

  • Unfortuantely I will not be able to make the meeting tonight because of a work emergency :(.

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    @megan.fenkhuber Awwe, hope to see you at the next one!

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    Two Hours till this thing happens… wondering when the Makerspace will open so I can head down then again I may need to excuse the fact that people have busy lives and by that definition, I am not human.

    going to smash the refresh button till it opens. (:

  • Drat! I’m missing it. Sorry guys. I’ll be in for next month.
    As mentioned above I hope that RFID access is being addressed.

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    Members Meeting, May 28, 2017, 6:15 pm
    Lounge of Makerspace
    Present: Dave Holley, Amanda Eccleston, Grant Fraser, Torren, Nicholas, Cole, Krankin, Vaughn, Brad Allen, Ashley, Pierre
    Regrets: Megan and Kile

    Members Meeting Agenda:

    Nicholas - Fundraising Information
    Nicholas joined the meeting to explain his approach to fundraising. He had taken a hiatus from the Space and is excited to be coming back and really likes what he sees in terms of improvements to the space.
    Nich talked about the use of consumables - all these things are included in fundraising. The Makerspace has enjoyed low overhead in the past - cheap rent, not spending on tools, etc. That is changing, as the Space evolves.
    Need to improve our appreciation of sponsors - updating the website, shouts on facebook, and real benefits for sponsors
    KMS and SSP donations enjoyed good recognition (albeit, we are waiting on the website update). @kile is on that.
    Brainstorming about ways to appreciate sponsors?
    Fundraising dinner -1st one made $3000, 2nd made $2000. Approach Mission about use of Facility? Would bring costs and logistics down - have a nice dinner and then come to Makerspace for demos. Is it possible? Vaughn to ask Regan about it.
    Hot Night in the City, August 12 - a $1500 opportunity to man barricades and do the garbages (12 people from 5:30 am to 9 am, 12 people from 5 pm to 6 pm). Facebook and Forum posts to garner support.

    Ideas for fundraising:
    Dinner with silent auction (Mission or Courthouse?) Rubins, First week of October 2017,
    Website store? Who can set it up and run it. Add sub-domain to Makerspace webpage.
    Making kits for sale at events and hack night etc. - need to have work parties to get it rolling; many ready to go kit ideas in-house.

    Grow Shelves - home depot to donate shelves? Makes sense when multiples are made, charging $800 each; materials being $500. (Need to make parts list and get the supply costs down.) 8 hours of 4 people to make 6 shelves.) Brad will get the details together. Vectors are available.

    Haunted House - made $5000 last year; Nic thinks it will happen again.

    Samples of current fundraising/partnerships:
    Clay Space workshops - about $800 (Amanda Eccleston, mostly)
    Clay Space Arts Commission Grant - $5250
    4D School Tuesday’s $675 (Vaughn)
    Sportsman graphics $960 (Nicholas using Design Lab vinyl cutter)
    Social Planning Council grant for 3D printer $1500
    HCOS 6 weeks of woodshop @ $300 (Brad)

    Art in the Park
    Has anyone booked a table? @grant and @cole volunteer to man booth.

    Areas assessment/coordinators reports:
    @Bradley-Maker is preparing a form for each area shop coordinator to complete that will gather information about each shop and studio (everything from physical specs, equipment, needs, users, special conditions, wish list, etc). This is an important exercise in that we will be able to prioritize development and management going forward. I hope each coordinator is able to complete these forms (probably take about 30 mins) on or before June 12th, so the information can be integrated into the business plan.

    Clay Space Update
    Arts Commission Community Arts Grant awarded $5250 of $9070 requested - good job to Janet Whitehead for writing the majority of the grant and for everyone who supported it. We are able to trim some wishlist items to meet the shortfall.
    Amanda Eccleston, Janet Whitehead and Kathleen Raven have held workshops
    Wednesday nights are popular - approx. 6 people using it consistently on Weds nights
    Four Directions School used the Clay Space on 3 Tuesdays and really liked it.
    Looking for volunteers for June 12 to June 22 to do reno - please contact Vaughn to book some help
    Aiming to fire the Kiln June 22

    Makerspace Business Planning:
    We have an opportunity to develop a business plan using a platform called Plan Genie, which has been offered to us free of charge. This platform guides the development of a short, mid and long-term plan for the Space and I am hoping we can get at least 4 Members on board for about 4 hours each over the next month to ‘fill in the blanks’ on this and form a plan going forward, and have it substantially completed mid June.
    I will present the platform and see who is up for doing it. I think it is important to ‘do something’ in terms of forward planning and this presents a turn-key opportunity to do it!
    This is VERY important in terms of managing the development of the space and negotiations with stakeholders - without goals and plans is is very hard to succeed.
    I have the software loaded and it is ready to go.
    Here is the link for more info on this platform:

    Financial Report and Projections:
    We are basically ‘running blind’ in terms of a plan and financial matters. We need to quantify the costs of running the Makerspace on a monthly and yearly basis, how many keys and drop-in members we have, what we need in terms of income to actually be sustainable. Importantly: what are our goals are for income in terms of memberships and partnerships? I am hoping our Treasurer @Grant-Fraser can provide some of these numbers - even estimates will help actually set some baselines and give us a sense of where we are and what we need to shoot for.

    Expenses per month: approx. $4600/month
    Need 30 keyholder and 30 drop ins and 4 partnerships

    Lease of 207 Victoria West:
    A discussion of our Space, its pros and cons, what it costs to run it, the issues we face, etc. A general discussion and brainstorm on our plant, with a view to confirming and refining our strategy. We (@Grant-Fraser and I) meet with the landlords at the end of June, inform them of our needs for the next 3 years and present a plan for paying for this large building. Please come with useful, actionable feedback for us to use?

    RFID/Membership database implementation:
    Need to follow through with this in a big way. It is the key to improving management, drop-in access, security and sustainability. If those in the know (@toxuin @kile @colin @arasbm etc) could bring us up to speed on what we can do to make this happen?

    Grant and Kile have been sent a testing link for the system - can they let us know when that process will be complete.

    Back ups of Makerspace data
    Members are recommended to backup their own data.

    Adjourned 9pm.

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