Potluck 7pm Sunday

  • Potluck is on! Ashley is making roast. Everybody post what you’re bringing here. @pierre @meagan

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    we have 2 2L bottles of pop and a brick of butter so far. might bring some spaghetti squash.

  • After action report: We had good food and good company.

    Was sort of sad to see that some people I was hoping to talk to did not make it, but still a good time. Prime rib roast, gurkensalat (which is different from the space’s usual fare of kabel salat!), coleslaw, soda pop, potato salad, two types of pie, lemon truffles, and likely some other stuff I don’t recall.

    I’m going to try to BBQ there at least once a month through the summer (I’m also going to try really hard to show up at least once a month…). Expect burgers or bratwurst or something occasionally.

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    Sorry to have missed it - too much already planned for the weekend when the event was posted!

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    Sorry to have missed it guys. I was up to my eyebrows with shit, and wasn’t 100% sure if it was happening as my internet has been failing. I’d be interested in a weekly or monthly or somewhere in between regular meal together. I’ll get the crock going again soon too…

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