project using the ssp plywood

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    I noticed someone started a project using the plywood that was bought from SSP and am wondering who that was. @Bradley-Maker ? @kile ?

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    @Chainmaildave I dont know. I took a look and notice that the sheet thats ripped up has ‘Dave Holley’ on the edge, though!

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    @Vaughn yeah that was the issue, as I had sanded the back of my sheet already. Though I will say that I am excited to see someone working with that plywood

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    There is also a sheet marked ‘KMS’ that has been ripped into 16" lengths, and I have no idea why.

    The Makerspace marked formply sheets are earmarked for the kiln room and classroom renos - I don’t know who is helping themselves to them without checking with others first, but those sheets are not to be used for random projects.

    Has anyone spoken up about this, @Chainmaildave ?

  • We should put better signage on the sheets ASAP.

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    I just did. Although they did already have a clear marking both in tape and the edges of the boards.

    But seriously - knowing that you dont help yourself to clearly marked, $125/sheet material like that without asking shouldn’t need a sign.

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    So I’ve talked with I think all of the interested parties earlier today. But I’ll post here for the collective.

    @Kile and I were up in the woodshop last week and it was decided that we would build a lockable cabinet for the woodshop to allow those doing work around the space or running workshops or classes to leave some tools or small projects locked up. It would have come in handy for my woodshop class with HCOS, as the kids were taking projects home and kept forgetting them. It would have been nice to lock up the handtools and in progress projects. So we decided to solve that.

    My concern was that we wouldn’t have enough for the kiln room. We looked at the plans that @amanda_e posted online, and it looked like 10 sheets were necessary, we needed 2 for the woodshop project. I personally have 3 sheets in the pile that I put up as replacements if need be. We both felt comfortable that that was reasonable and just wanted to get started.

    I feel like a horses ass about it, especially as Subsequently I’ve been sucked into a personal vortex and we haven’t even been able to finish the project. I was hoping for today, but its looking like tomorrow for that.

    I’ve also been struggling with my internet at home, spending hours trying to troubleshoot it, and no time to get to the cafe for net. Therefor haven’t been in good communication.

    I’m confident as I was when we charged into it that there is plenty of ply to go around and that I had my sheets as replacements if needed. So the issue is communication, and I’m sorry that it has taken me so long get this across as I should’ve done right off the bat.

    My sincere apologies.

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    @Bradley-Maker its no problem, now that the Forum knows what happened.

    The issue for is that we need that Makerspace-marked SSP-donated material for doing the Kiln Room and Classroom renos, and the sheets are clearly marked both with green tape and edge marking. I notice you might not have realized there is the classroom reno to consider, as well, in your calculations of what material is required - for future reference, its probably best to check with key people who know the status of issues such as this - me, in this case, as the coordinator of the SSP donation and Kiln Room / Classroom install.

    My understanding is that you will replace the Dave Holley sheet (if he wants) and the Makerspace sheet of formply with your own.

    Members: please post to the forum when these kinds of moves are made so everyone knows what is going on. Also, check materials on all sides and faces for maker-marks denoting ownership/purpose prior to using them.

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