Projection TV

  • Pierre suggested I mention it here instead of dropping it off at the space where everyone will wonder what on earth it is.
    Last summer I converted a Hitachi rear projection CRT television into a front projection unit the size of a coffee table. It has a custom built frame and 3D printed components made at the space using the Solidoodle. Because it was never designed for this task there are a few adjustments that needed to be done so that it can project a focused image more than five feet and has some strange convergence issues I’m blaming on flaky deflection amplifiers.


    However I just came across a REAL front projection set from the early 80’s so I’m going to have to let go of this one. If anyone wants it they can have it and tweak with it. Having put so much work into the cabinet and metal frame I’m hesitant to send it to the recycler but I don’t have space for two TV’s.

    I do not have the remote but I will throw in a PDF copy of the service manual.

  • Last call for the projector. I’m picking the new (old?) one up this weekend and this HAS to go.

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