Maker Monday today??

  • 3D

    If so what time do we start.

  • Design Lab

    Ill be givin er down here all day like usual - Monday night, too! (I took my Maker Monday post down because we just didnt have the participation happening and I felt awkward - hopefully someone else takes up the coordination of this!)

  • Tonight a bunch of us are helping Pierre with the metal shop.

  • So we did the things… Metal room got a little bit of parts sorting and organizing, scrap-metal dump run, some acrylic materials sorting and culling, some laser maintenance (which will be logged in the relevant thread…)

    I think some floors were mopped/swept, some hack room cleanup? Not sure, because you can’t be everywhere at once.

    There was food: borscht, donuts, caesar cold-cut wraps, coffee and lemonade. Good company, good times.

  • Has anyone seen the chuck key for the drill press in the metal room? I had a bitch of a time finding one when we got the drill… The 4-way key is back in the toolbox, but it does not really fit properly.

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