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    It’s come up at hack night a few times, and so here we go :)
    I’m a dog trainer and work with “problem” dogs for a living. I also teach, train and compete in Sport scent detection. This is a “game” that mimics the skills and work of detection dogs trained for explosives, drugs, etc, without the awkward explanation to the cop of “Yeah, but officer, the cocaine in my glove box is just for my dog training class!” We use essential oils instead of illegal substances, but the training and work is otherwise very similar.
    Aras mentioned he was running out of things to teach his pup. I told him I’d share this free (beer, and speach) online resource by Sue Ailsby, a Canadian lady from Saskatchewan who is an amazing dog trainer. She has a newer version of this material in a book, and it’s easier to follow and more thorough (I highly recommend it) but the free version is … free :)

    Sue’s free book

    For the problem solving stuff, I’m happy to help members of the makerspace community with dog issues! I work with all kinds of dogs, and also have myriad connections with rescues and breeders if you’re considering adding a dog to your family. Happy to help where I can, since my electronic breadboarding skills apparently need some work ;)

    And, I have weekly scent detection classes that I’m paid to offer through Five Star Dog Training downtown. This really is the game any dog can play, but I’m not trying to advertise my classes (though you’re welcome to PM me!). If anyone is interested and would like to come watch, get in touch and I can give you the dates/times to come and check it out. Watching the dogs work is very cool, and I feel pretty strongly that having “others” from industries unrelated to our own is what creates awesome innovation.
    An example: For scent detection, I need to make “half” q-tips. I take a box of 400 Qtips from the store, and cut them 2-3 at a time with scissors, shears, or wire cutters, so they’re in two pieces. This is time consuming. I’m sure there’s a better way!!

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Sounds like a great sport. I always wanted to train my newest hound for scent detection especially avalanche work that could be used going to look into this. Thanks

  • You could cut the q tips on the bandsaw. Just leave them in the box.

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    I tried this with a jig saw and got shredded bits of cotton…

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Jig saw reciprocates but bandsaw only goes one way. Worth a try. Have fun

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