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    @pierre @Vaughn @amanda_e @Chainmaildave @MIPS @kile @megan-fenkhuber @Ron_Ron

    Who did i miss? Ashley. I think that’s everybody.

    Calling all workshop coordinators!
    We are moving ahead with business planning. You’re input is required so we can plan for the future. This is crucially important.

    We all need to measure our spaces, make a rough map, and fill out this form by June 5th.

    If you want a hard copy, Vaughn has a couple. Or get in touch with me.

    Please and thank you!

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    OK Im on it for the @Design-Lab ! Thanks, @Bradley-Maker

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    How’s this going everybody?

  • @megan-fenkhuber, Ashley, @Chainmaildave, @Ron_Ron and I worked on them tonight. Not sure anyone else’s status.

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    @Design-Lab form complete

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    Can the Office be added as a distinct space? It needs help, too.

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    Regarding new signage needs for any areas, let me know wording and dimensions and Ill do a batch.
    Safety, orientation, wayfinding, storage, etc…

  • I could use input and assistance on marking the areas where putting a body part there will get it sheared off, chewed up, and spit out… Bigger CNC machines and metal-cutting gear sometimes move in ways that are not expected by people who are not familiar.

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    Okay, it’s June 6th.

    Thanks to all those that have gotten their forms in, I really appreciate it. I now have 5 completed.

    I’ll be working today to begin compiling the data, and generating a report for the board.

    For those that have filled out hard copies, and those that did it digitally but have a hard copy map of your room, last I checked there is an empty slot in the space control panel (with the open/closed button) hanging above the piano in the lounge. Please put your completed forms in that empty slot. I’ll be by this afternoon around 2:30 or 3, and again in the evening around 8 to collect any that have been dropped off.

    For those that have not completed them, I’ll be by during hack night. I’ll be looking to touch base and will be available to help you get those forms completed.

    My goal is to be able to post a report for the entire building to the board by this Friday. I appreciate your assistance in getting that report complete so that we can move ahead with business planning and lease negotiations.

    And yes. Let’s add the office. I think it has been discussed and was on my radar, but I forgot to add it to the final draft of the form.

    I’ll fill one out for the office this week and add it to the report. And if anybody is willing to coordinate that space, please pipe up (@Grant-Fraser ?)

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    Oh, and PS: signage

    I am working on a form that will allow you to define a single sign, and submit it.

    Size, wording, materials, any graphics, location, and quantity needed.

    The idea is submit them, we’ll have a stack of these forms, and when anybody feels like banging out a few signs, the info is there to get it done.

    Thanks everybody.

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