VFD Modules

  • I local company has donated to the makerspace a quantity of 50 Noritake Itron CU20025ECPB-W1J VF display modules.
    The datasheet for these modules can be found at the link below:
    http://media.digikey.com/pdf/data sheets/noritake pdfs/cu20025ecpb-w1j.pdf

    These modules can be found in the electronics room in their own bin above the bench. These are USED modules that were not tested prior to being delivered so some work fine, others might be dim or have glitchy pixels and others will not work at all.
    Compared to other VFD modules we have received in the past however they are much more flexible in what you can drive them with and how and are free for use with projects.

  • They are not hard to use and fun to play with! :)

  • I LURVE Vacuum Fluorescent Displays. If we have a quantity of the similar ones, we should make up a batch of boards to plop them onto either arduino’s or raspi’s or something. Standardize on a current driver-chip (Darlington array?), some sort of serial protocol, and an interface (I2C, SPI, clock+data bit-banging, something else simple with minimum pin-out…)

    It’d be pretty neat to put one on say an esp8266 or something.

  • Here is a link to Noritake Itron’s page for their Arduino library. Be aware it may require tweaking to function correctly.


  • Oh cool!

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