Bronze Plaque from front of building

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    After reading in the local paper about bronze heritage plaques being stolen around the city, I removed the big one from the front of our Makerspace building at 207 West Victoria and brought it inside for safety. We are in a very ‘colourful’ area, and I thought it foolish to assume it would somehow not be noticed by the thief or thieves stealing these things.

    It took less than 2 minutes to remove with a robertson screw driver - I just couldnt bear to see it, too, stolen, so I went ahead and took action to ensure that didnt happen.

    I emailed Barbara Berger at City of Kamloops to inform her of this, and she thanked us for doing that and said:

    “Thanks Vaughn and will do. We are just doing an inventory of all the plaques missing and are going to look at process for replacing. It is possible we will be providing you with an exterior plaque that is made out of different material and that you can display the bronze plaque inside the building where it will be safe.
    Thanks again.

    So, do not be alarmed when you see that the plaque has been removed - it is in the @Design-Lab for now, and we can find a spot inside to display it - the Lounge, I guess?

    Question: should this object be cleaned and renewed, or displayed in it’s dirty and weathered condition?!


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    @Vaughn being me I would like to see it shine a little, but that may just be my curiosity.

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    My opinion is leave the patina alone. If you clean a collectible coin it becomes worthless

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    If allowed I could take a tooth brush and some water clean to clean the embossed logo and the corroded white parts.

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    @ColeVanD - do not do anything until we are sure the right method is being used. I thought Brasso would be the answer, personally…

    My vote is to clean it - I will also re-do the photo and text panel and acrylic.

  • I would say Brasso as well.

  • Maybe start by doing the least invasive thing? Dish soap and a tooth brush to remove the pigeon shit, then decide if we want to deeper-clean after looking at it more closely? Going to want to get the grime off it before breaking out the polish anyway, because Kamloops road-grit is more aggressive than brass polish.

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    @Vaughn I think there is some brasso in the paint closet in the metal room

  • Ask how Inland Cigar maintains theirs. As I drove past the other day I could not help but notice their is quite shiny.

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    Boy, I’m torn.

    I love the patina, I like old stuff that looks old and still standing the test of time serving its function.

    But having it shiny and readable and up to date would be cool too.

    So can we do both?

    @Vaughn what are the chances of landing a contract and perhaps making a little money for the city to put these cheaper, newer “dummy” plaques up to replace the stolen ones?

    Regardless of that, could we make a shiny new modern one out of acrylic or something that could sit side by side with the old one?

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