Canada Day Art in the Park

  • Ok, I called Staples.

    The earliest they can get these done is tomorrow morning, they open at 10am.

    Unfortunately the price for 100 bi-folded pamphlets is $829 +tax.
    And not having them folded only saves us $30.

    I am going to call a few other places. I have already tried Sure Copy but they are closed.

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    Oh wow that is crazy expensive. I’m assuming the $800+ is for 1000 copies? still $.80+ for a two sided colour copy seems ridiculous. I am on campus at TRU, I will get a price from the print shop here, but they usually won’t beat Staples by a significant margin

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    I got a quote from the TRU print shop, they can do 500 folded for $160.

    Will be ready by 4 pm.

    Sounds good?

    I need to get it in ASAP

  • Do it. I was starting to look at the cost of buying a printer

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    @Grant-Fraser, okay. The quote I got was general over the phone, just sent them the file and I’m waiting to make sure they can deliver before they close, they aren’t open on weekends.

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    @Grant-Fraser, am I still okay at $272? The other price was single sided

  • @kile That hurts but its still cheaper than a printer. Go ahead. We need to invest in this.

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    Okay! So I need to do a quick adjustment so the folds land right, just tweaking the file now if anyone sees any typos last chance.

    The other prices were a bit off, but a have a firm quote now with folding and taxes.

    500 for $306
    250 for $178

    Go big?

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    Okay, file is sent. I went for 500

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