Laser 101 Thursday Nov 16, 7-9pm

  • Who’s up for some Laser 101?

    Kamloops Makerspace Laser 101 - Basic Operation and Safety:
    Thurs Nov 16 7-9 pm

    7:00pm Lounge:
    Sign in, including email address
    Member or not? Liability waiver?
    Give each participant:
    Makerspace Laser Manual
    and materials worksheet:(

    A brief intro about Makerspace, membership, etc.
    Show and tell samples of laser cutting/engraving
    Watch short video on laser theory and materials safety
    Discuss materials safety - ASK BEFORE YOU CUT UNKNOWN MATERIALS

    8:30 Design Lab:
    Discuss vector and raster images
    Saving and exporting, file formats, scale, line colours, etc.
    Show tracing of raster image into vector
    Address participants pet-projects or specific goals with laser cutter
    Save traced files (paths) of quick jegs to DXF - and flash drive

    7:30 Fab Shop:
    Show laser tube, mirrors, chiller and filter vent
    Show loading of material, origin, focal point, manual X/Y/Z,
    Open/Import a raster image and scan/engrave into wood. Show Z-depth.
    Open/Import vector image and cut in paper, 1/8" wood (live hinge wallet) and acrylic.
    Discuss management of materials and waste.
    (Discuss remaining content of laser manual while cutting)

    Ends 9pm

  • Design Lab

    @Torren I would recommend playing the Sarbar Media youttube video of how the laser focuses and what materials not to use.

  • I’m late in posting this, but our newly minted Laser 101er’s are @ColeVanD and new member Sean Mayo!

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