Makerspace Kits Fundraising - help, please?

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    To raise money for the Makerspace, we would like to do some work bees to manufacture and assemble a range of kits to sell at Art in the Park, other events, and in the Lounge.

    The kits we visualize would be packed in ziplock bags with a printed sheet/label inside with instructions.

    We would like to start with 20 of each kit.

    Potential kits include:

    laser wallets
    little boxes
    MeArm kits
    illuminame kits
    solar marble machine
    airplane kits

    I have already started cutting Makerspace business card holders ($5!) and am looking into materials for fidgets, etc.

    So, starting this Maker Monday, we would like to begin cutting stuff that is ready to go and planning other things. Please come and help - the goal is to make $1000 worth of kits before Canada Day.

    Thank you!

  • Awesome idea! I will focus on coordinating the build of MeArm kits. I have enough parts to make at least 20 Me Arm kits. I will donate all the parts to the space, so whatever we sell would be profit for the space. I will start a separat topic for it so anyone who is interested in helping me build them can be involved. We should also make one or two killer demos with the MeArm robots.

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    Great, @arasbm - Ill help, if we can schedule it? Also, I will help do the mirror calibration to get the laser tuned up for this production run!

    Thank you for all you do!

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    If you want to make some special business cards. I’ll donate 2 sheets of my 0.8mm walnut. It’s sitting under the laser cutter computer.

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    also i’ll be in tomorrow after work if you need help. Might even be able to throw together a few simple kit designs.

  • Maybe do a few boxes also. People like boxes.

  • I have most of the stuff for the brush bits I just need to find a more reliable battery holder. I am also willing to donate the supplies.

  • @megan.fenkhuber I just ordered a 50 pack of 2032 coin cell holders. That should solve the battery holder issue.

    If they end up not working, I can just solder them in series for a 150V input stage on a fly-swatter or something. :)

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    I am willing to help with the construction/assembly of any and all the kits let me know when and where

  • Here is a pretty cool idea to embed coin into fidgets to add weight, this way we can make some out of wood too. Would be a great use of pennies as they already have maple leaf on them!

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    0_1496939456525_image.png would take me roughly about 4-5 days to have 150-200 Spinners for about 25- 30$ not including the bearings Bearings would be a problem!
    Or I could make the all in one fidget spinners.

    Ill just bring all my printers to the space and start printing :smiling_imp:

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    @ColeVanD Planetary gear buisness cards!

    0_1496940635188_image.png Give out a few hundred of these
    I would help out and keep the laser running for hours doing this stuff :)


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    A Makerspace pamphlet would be good for the table…

    Where is the file for the old one, @arasbm

  • @Vaughn there is this one and this one. Hopefully they will be a good start.

  • Classroom

    I can make some time this week to do up a threefold pamphlet. Just let me know if you want me to go ahead with it, as I don’t want to double up work if someone else is starting it.

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    Yep, go for it @kile - I have quite a few photos of clean shops and building exterior and events and so forth, if that helps. See Aras’s links above for the older versions - they probably have some text still usabe, and may help guide you.

    thank you!

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    Cut some maple leaves out on the laser cutter today. I will rinse the soot off Wednesday and coat them and attach a pin.

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    @Vaughn, sounds good. Those photos would be great. Would you be able to upload them to Teams? I have made a folder under Board>General>Files>Photos

  • 3D

    Fidget Caps
    How many do you need?

    It would be awesome if someone wants to design a file with our logo on it, I can make hundreds of these!
    (I can make caps in Fusion 360 just not embed the logo)

  • Scorpion will donate a couple of hundred dollars worth of materials if someone wants to build any of the suggested kits. Let Grant know what you need and we can get stuff ordered.


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